Suggestions tô increase The realism and facilite The game

Well This is my list.

1- about weapons.
1.1 add a style of Gravity and Air resistence (to bullet no cause The same dmg in 10 to in 500 meters)
1.2 add a exponencial random spray (like Time shooting x (random spray increase -taticals and skills)= precision
1.3 increase damage of pistols (pistols kill Peoples!!)
1.4 add a style of time to push weapon for example you push a rifle in x and a pistol in y…
1.5 Maybe you reload tour magazine bullet per bullet pressioning onde key

  1. About vehicles.
    2.1 in Speed x and in height x os Impossible êxit of vehicles (This open Space to a helicópter falling!!)
    2.2 vehicles have parts for example engine Wells glasses and Otherside)
    2.3 The pilot receive a low dmg wen crash. (The passagers Mabe receive)
    2.4 helicópter pode The capacity of up to sky wen have low fuel.
    2.5. add vehicles painel

  2. About char
    3.1 wen The char no receive letal dmg hes donw like in pigb ir Rust
    3.2 char downed os possível acessar The inventory.
    3.3 char transform in a zombie wen die.
    3.4 wen The char die tour itens Stay in tour body no in The floor
    3.5 in case of char die in a car ir helicópter exlosion tour itens are acessed in The vehicle.

4.1 add physic and stabylity This affect antes itens placed in The Worldwide “exept placed by editor”
4.2 fall in longo ranges now kill

autocorrect, oof

It hurts, i know

Damage dropoff is already planned
Random recoil, i’d agree with that if within a reasonabke limit.
Pistol damage increased is pretty easy to handle, even for 3.x
Didn’t understand the rest of the weapon questions

Vehicles having individual mechanical parts is planned, I think (not too sure)
Didn’t understand the rest of the vehicle questions

This isn’t a shooter, it’s a survival game. Going into a DBNO state is just not gonna work.
Transformation into a xombie would be fun only if you die from infection
Clicking on a dead person to access his/her inventory is already implemented
Didn’t understand the rest of the character questions

Falling from large heights is lethal, I believe it’s already there
Didn’t understand the other question

shit i write this in my cellphone (I am brazilian and my corretor “correct” the words) =P i go rewrite!

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