Sugguestion for 4.0

4.0 Development so far is going brilliant and I noticed that you can get gloves, shoes and etc.

So my suggestion?

Well, I recommend this since you are adding specific clothing that you should make it so if you get
a military glove that could improve accuracy/grip for a weapon instead of actually relying on skills.

Why do I think this is a good idea? And why it should be added?

This is because you could easily cut some trees down and have sharpshooter as your main and not lose skill also it would make it harder in a way as people would need to go to places to get these items

     Also same for shoes, so if you get some shoes you have the ability to run a bit more faster on a specific surface.

Kind of like Yukon really how they made it so if you get in the shelter you won’t freeze to death.

If you like my idea hmu with a like since i’m new n all haha
Also, I’d appreciate if you guys give me tips since I’m new to this website.

Sorry for some grammar mistakes in there

I doubt gloves will increase your accuracy


I mean, you are right in a way, but this could help with grip and etc

like maybe snowshoes for snow would make you go a bit faster!

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Idk why, but it sounds like you’re making these items seem like a mega-powerup.

This has already been discussed in an earlier topic. But what I would suggest is that Military Gloves give a 5% reload speed boost
Military boots give a 5% sprinting endurance

However, in regards to recoil management and accuracy, I would vote against that as to it requiring less skill, allowing people who simply got lucky to find the glove, having an advantage that shouldn’t be given out since firefights should be skill-based to be fair.

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Well with the skill menu i need to agree with you but what if the skill menu get removed AND added those cool features like [Military Boots] +5% of speed and +3% of accuracy.
So my idea is to remove the skill menu :I

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If you remove the skill menu then there’s 1 less goal to acheive in a game that already has very little goals

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I’m not saying we should completely remove it, but we should just add both. However skills won’t give you as great accuracy as before without the glove If you get what I mean

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