Suicide mechanics in the game


Everyone knows in unturned 3.0 you just click suicide and magically dies, I think to get more realistic you need to be with an item in hand and use it to kill example knives and weapons, with the speech you stab yourself with the gun shoots on your own head and kill himself. This post is about suicide in the game do not kill yourself in real life # DO NOT SUICIDE ON THE REAL LIFE BUT ON THE UNTURNED CAN


Suicide is a rather touchy subject for a game of it’s caliber, considering that children also play this game, it can send some strange messages and is just overall weird.

Besides, it’s rather simple to run into a horde of the Turned if your suicide button is on cooldown. (which should exist)


I mean In a way you say it is better the killing yourself by air

It will slow down the process of suicide by a bit and not being able to spam the fuck out the suiciding button for spawn location.

But at the end why even have a suicide system just throw yourself into a horde of zombies/turned’s and you’re dead and then respawn.
Also, a suicide button would be good if you’re downed and don’t want to wait until bleeding out if you’re teammates are not around or you’re playing solo

Yes yes being able getting downed while playing solo could be good if the player that downed you would show mercy and revive you.


Really but I think a person has to be too retarded not to be able to split obvious reality game is not appropriate for very small children but I think games with weapons are also not so as unturned 2 will be a game much more gloomy I think this should be added, this would help in the exchange that consists of capturing a prisoner and handcuff him to not make suicide possible and exchange for some item or favor,. This does not prevent him from playing in high places and being killed by zombies.


I’m not saying the game can’t be dark; I’m saying it can’t be graphic.

However, concerning the captured player argument, players can still suicide while they are captured; but the trade off being that they lose all of their gear, but if a player was to stay and listen to the demands of their captor, they could possibly make it out with their gear (albeit probably less.)


I think you should be able to suicide with lethal pills. No pain, no nothing, you just die. And if you are cuffed you can’t suicide.


This is a discussion of How suicide in game like in real life?!
I realy no recomend this!!


Thank you for telling me this. I was planning on shooting AND stabbing myself after reading this post (just for fun) but now that I know that you don’t recommend it I wont.

(/s but if you didnt figure that up I weep for you)


I think “almost every” weapon should have a “special” option to kill yourself. (With a yes or not option first. For safety) From a knife, pistol, rifle to RPG… with their unique animation… (with some exceptions of “things-that-you-dont-use-to-kys”)

Or you could bashed your head to the floor until you die. That works.


“Unturned II is supposed to be darker”

I still don’t know how Nelson is gonna make a dark and gritty game yet still keep it kid friendly. Makes no sense to me tbh


It is very simple, and has even been shown many times about how the game is becoming a bit more darker.

A very good example is the environment that is pictured; for example, take this normal 3.x screenshot:

Note the bright colors, and overall look of things, cars and vehicles pop out and the sky is a very bright blue.

Contrast this with a 4.x screenshot and you get something completely different.

Note all of the toned down colors, how everything blends in much more nicely, the palette is not all over the place, and the sky has been given a lighter blue.

The Turned have also been confirmed to be darker:Capture

So it’s just a logical conclusion that Nelson is aiming for a darker tone than in 3.x shown by these items.

And concerning your kid friendly argument, Nelson has not stated that he directly advertises to a younger audience, Unturned 3.x became popular among the younger group as the game was Free to play and it’s art style made it possible to run on any machine possible. (Sort of like how Fortnite is taking over the market right now just because of these reasons)


A lonesome star in a bitter sky
I hear the hungry ghosts calling out in the night
Just a couple victims of this brutal reprise
Am I strong enough to let things just die?


I think there should be a 30 second timer when using the magical commit die button.

After all, while the game is meant to be darker, the player looks like a joke compared to the world around it


I getcha, but I don’t think this suggestion fits in the game.


What if we just have better spawns? All spawns around cities with little difference from each othre and to reach places with better loot you cant just hit a magic button a milion times


Look at Don’t Starve series; as cartoony as it is, that sh*t is dark-ish hardcore survival hell, and lots of kiddos plays it.

And my point about suicide stands as always:

  • Gun
  • Poison
  • Explosive
  • Evironment (which goes from jumping off from a tall building’s rooftop up to giving yourself away to the turned, and lots of other horrible manners…)

That’s all the methods there should be for suicide, thus otherwise you couldn’t.


Damn you got me there, Dont Starve is bad ass


better hope you don’t get stuck in a crevice or bug into a wall then.


Assuming that could happen pretty often (surely we all hope it won’t), maybe you could suffocate with the wall itself, or dunno. Anyway, you can disconnect and relog, or probably wait for someone else to find you and end your pain for easy loot, lol.


I believe suicide in Unturned 3 is present more for convention than for anything else really, so that’s probably why you can do it at the press of a button in the pause menu.

Imagine if you’re a fresh spawn but landed in a zone too far away from your base. You can simply suicide to see if you spawn any nearer. That’s what I guess the purpose of the mechanic was.

Unless you can prove why making this process more demanding benefits in any situation, I’d call this overcomplicating.

Sacrificing gameplay for the sake realism isn’t good in any aspect. And also…

^thank Inspirobot for that