Sunsets/sunrises,snow and leaves

(Its short also contains images)
As i was playing UII Beta also using coments for time i didnt saw beautiful sunset/sunrise and it looks like day time but the sun is trying to set and not seen by anyone (probably shy or something) its kinda boring when you dont have cool orange sunset:

its look cool but i preffer amusing chilling and relaxing color also i think that sunlight should be diffrent.
in other seasons(if its winter light would be weaker and darker but in summer more colorful and little orangebul until the sunset shows more of it.)
Now snow i thought that you could make structures and cover to blend to the terrain (also in mud,sand ect. like in Ghost Reckon Wildlands)
have a nice day or night day (: .
Update: i forgot about leaves well not much to say the fall on autumn/fall and you ould make also pile of leaves and set on fire or wait till the winter to get coverd in snow and they now make a hard pile of leaves (no image thou).


Well, I think that in the case of sunset / sunrise, I believe that this effect has not yet been added, but most likely it will be added in the future to light in other seasons as well.
Your second suggestion is to create structures that can be camouflaged, such as covering it, for example, with a pile of snow?
If so, I think it’s a pretty cool addition to the game, as long as they are small buildings, like the little shelters in The Forest.


To details about those structures from snow i mean like little walls that if you crouch you can be hided and also some of decorative things like iglo,snowmen and others and maybe a little castles about camauflage i mean you can cover your body (not in great detail that you can be saw by someone just not to replace arctic ghillie that nelson plans also a desert too)


And now we can have nice christmas in UII we can entertain without kos cuz snowballs are fluffy bullets cant do harm.

Oh, I think I understand. Anyway, I very much doubt that they would replace the ghillies, because with these you can move around, the structures are already fixed and, even if they can be removed and replaced, they would still require time for this, which would give a considerable disadvantage and balanced for these.
As for decorative objects, I personally think they can be placed through mods, which, in addition to allowing the development of a community, also diminish the work on the game developer.

Snowballs seem to be fun, I think I would like to play with them, both in the game and in real life.

The snow structurse will blend but i meant a mechanic to game that alow cover your self in snow,dirt,sand and others i dont mean you can put a structure you still move when you coverd in snow or othwrs terrain objects but you lose some when you in still move untill is completly gone and start over again (maybe i read your post bad)

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Oh, sorry I think I got it wrong, what you are saying is like getting dirty with mud to improve camouflage, right?

That what i meant the all time to blend to the surronding without ghillie (it fades if you move to make ghillie not useless and also you completly not cover by that snow,dirt ect.

Ah, now I understand. Yes, I think it’s a phenomenal idea.
As the player walks or runs, this dirt cover leaves. Now I think that players are crawling on the ground made with the material they are camouflaging (snow for example), they shouldn’t lose it, but if they crawled on another material (a wooden floor), the camouflage comes out, however slower than if he was walking or running.

Now you get it also cool thing about (camauflage leave players from if you are on diffrent color place that doesnt blend with actual thing you smugle around your body


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