Super awesome ban appeal + discord ran by robots11!1!1!111

PART 1: Disabled account

Around 4:00 PM EST yesterday, discord disabled my account. Naturally I check my old email that the account was connected to, and was met with invalid credentials (I tried multiple at the time.)

At the time, I assumed that my email was compromised, slight panic, but alright. I emailed the on my Gmail account to this response.



PART 2: Panic

For context, I run a server with over 200 members. I immediately got into contact with the co-owner of the server and brought him to speed. I quickly set up an emergency server using a pre-existing account and got into contact with every server I was associated with. Easy peasy, now all I has to do was contact discord.


Ignore the markings, they’ll make sense later.

I made a message in #discord-reports requesting the moderators to kick my disabled account, and they obliged, by banning me for TOS violation (Evasion)

Technically, yes, they are correct here. I do not disagree with the ban itself as it’s valid. The problem is that I have no way of appealing my disabled account nor knowing an exact reason for why it was disabled (I’m assuming it’s the result of being mass reported from joking about being 11 in an unrelated server [which I mean, come on. The moderators there literally said that I wasn’t 11 lol {I’m 15.}])

Part 3: The response from Discord


Thank you, Louie, but did you even read the email?

I think you can see my problem now.

Part 4: The post-credit scene

Yes, I was technically breaking TOS by evading, and I 100% understand why action was taken. However, I’ve been getting fucked by both Discord and for a crime I didn’t commit, from convenient timing between both accounts being disabled to Discord not even fucking reading my email.

PART 5: The Gallery

Apologies that this looks like a mess, I can’t put more then 2 media embeds.

EDIT: guess who has 3 thumbs and forgot to put their discord tag
Banned account: avert#7286
Disabled account: avert#4026

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The ban was a precaution on my part. @MoltonMontro is still sifting through the ToS and typical infractions to see if we have to deal with them or if we just report it to trust and safety and move on. As things are I can’t in good conscience unban you but you have a chance to take it up with him. This might be one of those cases where we just leave it up to Discords Trust and Safety, which means I can unban you.

What I would need (if I didn’t know the accounts in question) would be Discord IDs, not names.
In your case that is 263127673121800192 for the old one and 591275445081866252 for the one I banned.

P:S: The original account still shows up normally, not as the old “deleted user” with no avatar. Now that might just be because they 14 day grace period didn’t expire yet but it might mean that its still in some sort of limbo.


I’ll see about speaking with him about it.
The account was disabled yesterday so it’s still in the grace period even though I cannot recover it.

PS: Can you still kick the disabled account?

EDIT: I’m going to get in contact with the trust & safety team.

EDIT #2: Nevermind, I can’t do anything about my account.

Sure thing.


Couldn’t you just change the email connected with discord? or can you not change it.

Assuming they have access, they most likely need the original email or another way to use two-factor verification to change it.

Both my email and discord got disabled at the same time, I’m not sure if I can. I’ve kinda accepted that I’m just fucked here