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Currently in 3.0 we only have the English language which does not even bother most people but unturned II will have support for different languages? currently some groups of fans do translations and put them in steam but most are outdated, unturned II even if only well after the initial launch of the game will support multiple languages? I think Nelson could partner with members of the community from different countries to do the translations and include them in future updates like adding cars, weapons, animals, etc.


It’s not like Nelson knows every language, that’s what the community is there for. It also isn’t his fault that the translations are outdated, translators could have just lost interest in the game.

Ok…? I don’t really disagree with him teaming up with people from other countries, but I’m not sure what you’re asking beyond that.


So the fans would do this usually small groups people or less then as you said it is not Nelson’s fault but infim partner with larger groups having more contact so when one group has no more interest others can volunteer but do not necessarily need one specific country group example the group that will translate to French does not necessarily need to be from France can be a group from any other country who know the French language.

Oh I see, that makes more sense now that I see it.

But I’m still not sure what direction Nelson would want to take for translating :man_shrugging:

Not something that necessary for a game like Unturned tbh, yes it could be introduced at some point but it definitely isn’t a priority. Do you actually need a translation for carrot in portuguese or you just want it for the sake of it because you are brazilian ?


It’s not that I need to be okay with the game in English but I think it would help popularize the game, I agree that it’s not a priority if it was the game, it would take longer than it’s taking to leave, I think it would be more dynamic more efficient for the players but it is not something that bother,For example the tutorial would be better understood the crafting guides and descriptions of accoutrements would be better understood but not having this does not have a 0.01% chance of leaving the game bad.

translations are likely confirmed, be it fanmade or not. However it’s not Nelson’s priority currently.

this ^^^^

i’d say let the fans do the language.

So then all nelson has to do is input the updated translations in and then ffffuckin


Nelson doesn’t have as much work as before

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inb4 nelson outsources the translations to community members and those members get a special badge or something like the berets (speaking of berets I am going to miss those rare suckers in 4.0)

Unrelated to the topic, but you should REALLY consider improving your sentence structure on your posts and comments. Jesus Christ man, it’s super tiring to read what you have to say with so much unnecessary rumbling.


that’s right

But is there anything to talk about the topic?

Currently different languages of the game are created by people who are in the community who’d like to see that language.

nothing more nothing less

That’s… Disturbing

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