Support Nelson In 4.0

Ok so i think Nelson deserves support more than any other cause he works so hard on Unturned as far as i know…
So here is my suggestion:

For people who download the game after 4.0 it should be for 2 dollars (At least) like cmon all he did for money is again as much as i know and i dont know much is that he made the DLC “Permanent Gold Upgrade”
Im not sure if you guys will like it,if Nelson will like it or if this even makes any sense,im just trying to make my point.Sorry if i took your time btw.

(Have a nice day!)

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Is this for 3.0 or 4.0? If 3.0, it’ll never fly. If 4.0, there’s a thousand threads already here on pricing arguments.


I think the game should stay free but Nelson should add more advantages to Gold as well as adding new DLC. The coolest part about Gold for me was the multiplayer servers but no one ever went on them.

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