Suppressors, Parachutes, and Ragdolls

They’re called suppressors and not silencers for a reason. Video games make you want to believe that suppressors turn the shot of a rifle into a soft pew, when in fact these attachments are much less effective, depending on the size.
Also, have you ever noticed that suppressors in Unturned 3.x were turned to styrofoam as of a certain update? They used to be valuable possessions due to the ability to turn a high-powered rifle into a mouse, and now they’re trash that sometimes isn’t even worth picking up.

So in Unturned 4.x, it would be nice to see a little change to suppressors. They get a much needed buff, making suppressors back into steel and not flimsy paper, and make them little more realistic. Zombies nearby could still detect the crack of a silenced firearm, but you won’t attract the entire city to your front door step.

There is one thing everybody can agree with: Parachutes are a little strange in 3.x. You have your standard issue military grade umbrella, and you have your “10-foot-wide-but-can-still-be-fit-inside-a-school-backpack” hang glider. Perhaps the parachute-umbrella could be a rare easter egg in 4.x, but we need actual parachutes, and to fix hang gliders.

How would parachutes/gliders work? Gliders, simply put, would not be able to fit inside a backpack. You can strap it to your car, or stash it in a glider-sized storage unit, but you can’t stuff it inside even some of the largest backpacks. Parachutes are smaller and can be carried around, but give you less maneuverability and air time. You also cannot put your parachute away during flight, but can abandon it for whatever reason. You can unstrap your glider, and release your chute, and the items will fall with you. When you do hit the ground, gliders can be reused and parachutes can be repacked.

More ragdolls! Currently ragdolls are only used for when entities die, but wouldn’t it be hilarious to watch zombies topple off a ledge into a big pile? Isn’t it strange how you stay in a perfect vertical position while jumping from an airplane? Extended airtime also puts you into a ragdoll state, but you can gain control easily. Zombies charging in a large group would trip over each other and temporarily block a pathway.

So what do you think of these ideas? Vote in this poll below why you like it or absolutely hate it.

  • Good idea, would like to see this in game!
  • Some of the ideas are decent, but some wouldn’t fit well with Unturned (which one, and why?)
  • These all suck haha

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honestly i almost want a wingsuit just for the meme.


may I re categorize to 4.0?

Don’t know how parachutes would fit in, so, going for #2.
Also, i would really like to see ragdoll zombies topple over an edge like you said.

I’ll like to see players tossed around by grenades and hulk rocks.


I understand that realistically they probably couldn’t be carried around in a backpack, but it kinda devalues them to make them only carry-able when you want to use them. Maybe make the glider fold up so it fits in backpacks?

As for the Ragdolls it is a pretty fun idea but that can tank performance really fast depending on how its implemented, so I’m iffy on the idea.

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Zombies charging in a large group would trip over each other and temporarily block a pathway.

We really need zombie collision with other zombies!

So, like you said, suppressors are extremely variable. How about have those styrofoam suppressors in addition to metal ones? And while we’re at it, lets get glass suppressors!! Man, that would be totally awesome. Also, silencers can be incredibly quiet sometimes, so maybe a silencer gets louder the more it degrades?

Ragdolls :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

I think some kind of ammunitions(Subsonic and Supersonic) should affect the suppressor’s sound.

Whether the ammunition is subsonic or supersonic should change the sound regardless of whether or not a weapon is suppressed.

Well actually both are loud as same when unsupressed.

A suppressor reduces sound from the muzzle blast, which is a separate sound from the sound of the bullet flying through the air. Subsonic ammunition reduces the sound of the bullet flying through the air, which is not the same as muzzle blast.

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I know, and how old are you, Sergeant? You seem very mature by the way.

last time that happened we had zombie totem poles.

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