Survivor Camp (Map Sneak Peek)


This is a little NPC village/farm. Will post more pictures of the map shortly.

lets just jump right into it:
Why doesn’t the wall cover the whole thing?
Why is there only one tent in a survivor camp that clearly has housing?
Why is there a fence on the other side?
Wheat seems a little off, maybe replace it with an actual farm of some sort?
Terrain seems very choppy, Might wanna smooth that up a bit.
Why is their a boat on land if there is a dock? maybe I just don’t understand boats.
Road that goes no where?
Why is the screenshot in the editor like that if its a sneak peek?
boulders are colored differently than the land and it makes me want to die.

while I think the layout is fine this area needs a lot of work imo
Keep it up broski! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

Because it’s there for aesthetics, not to be an inconvenience. If you actually made an area as defensible as possible, by building some multi-layered, fully enclosed defensive structure with towers, ramparts, firing ports, loop holes, murder holes, machiculations, overlooks, and a complete network of trenches and tunnels you would either be encouraging extremely campy gameplay, or in the case of an NPC camp like this creating needless work for the map maker, for the computer trying to run the map, and for any player trying to enter the location.

Probably because they needed additional storage/sleeping/private space was needed.

Yeah, it does look odd that there’s wheat, almost entirely surrounded by asphalt.

Boats need lots of maintenance, only a small portion of which can be done while in the water. Piers are have relatively high demand, so it’s not all that economical to keep a boat you’re not using at one for extended periods.

Probably just unfinished, but Idk :woman_shrugging:

Why not ?

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I agree that it needs a lot of work. I will definitely put the wooden fence on the other side.

This camp is just supposed to be a little campsite that was here before the zombies, and the survivors just put a farm and some fences.

also you can kind of assume that rocks and soil would be different colours. they don’t look the same in real life

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