Sweden Map (Aiming for Curation)

I am making a Sweden map for 3.x, I don’t have anything to show at the moment, but what I can say is that it is aiming for curation.

What I Have

Currently, I have a Permafrost Biome, a Deadzone Swamp, some Rivers, and a number of Large Islands.



Planned Stuff


Better make some nice meat balls aswell !

If you’re aiming for curation, you probably know that custom materials and models are a must.

I look forward to seeing Sweden as it progresses.

Will have a lot of custom food, for sure.

I understand that I already have custom materials in place, same with custom models, I will be trying to model locations after their real-life counterparts, but still with gameplay in mind. I do not have any pictures handy as I’m not on my home computer, but I do have the textures so I will send them. Some of them are out of date however, Road (Last one) and Gravel (4th one) are, I’m also going to change the permafrost one quite a bit, as it’s a bit to white at the moment.



Recatergorized to workshop. Cause it’s being made for the workshop, right?

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thanks, mate. Wasn’t sure where to put this post.

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It’s being made for curation, I hope I can get Permanent, but if not Timed will do, so I guess Workshop makes sense.

Well both places are convenient, making a map doesn’t necessarily imply “Workshop”

I suppose that makes sense.

I think you should add add a Pewdiepie NPC in a safezone as an easteregg. The textures makes Unturned look like a Medieval game, Keep up the work man!

I might make slight references to him, but not just him being there. Don’t think Nelson would allow that.

Or maybe the Pewdiepie NPC should also give the player a quest to find his missing chair. I think he will allow that but he will not show it to pewdiepie and the NPC should be named Felix instead.

I don’t feel like doing that, just doesn’t sound like a good idea. Regardless, here are some images I have.

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Mmh, with these pics I think you should be aiming for a Stockholm map rather than a whole Sweden.

Considering this is a curated attempt project, a map based off of a city probably won’t go well with Nelson, but nobody has ever tried making one and submitting it for curation, so we don’t know.

It really does look like Stockholm, but…

  1. iirc Nelson has already told someone maps based around a single city location aren’t allowed?
  2. We gotta remember Greece exists, and Germany, and Russia, and Washington, and…
  3. Every map in the game is a bloody lie in one way or another!

Greece is actually realistic, it’s just it takes place in a very small region of the country. Search up one of the cities, zoom out a wee bit, and compare it to the chart.

Your reply doesn’t disprove my point though.

Greece does have locations in a similar spot to the real-life version, and some of the geography is similar. We can say the same about this Sweden map chart, or even Russia. We can also say that Greece has some glaring issues if it was aiming for 1:1 replication, especially with Farsala.

The point is that a map can take creative liberties as much as it wants. :man_shrugging: My reply was a reminder that just because it’s based on a small portion of a nation doesn’t mean anything.

I’m very much am taking a realisticish aproch, the area the map is based around, is really small (stockholm country). There is nowhere near as much water in this map then in the real Sweden. I’m also taking plenty of libertys. The area this map is based is close to flat, how ever in the north there are mountains. There is no joint railroad in Sweden, but I made one. Gavel is outside the range of this map, yet I’m including it.

Make sure you give this a read if you’re aiming for curation!