Switched to U3DS and SteamCMD for Servers, unable to connect but other servers still work

So I decided to go here since I’ve been trying for a week and watching countless videos and I can’t figure out the problem. I normally use servers via the shortcut method with untunred in my steam library. Port forwarding went fine and my friends can join. After making a server using SteamCMD and the Unturned Dedicated Server App, my friends are unable to join those servers. It doesnt seem to be a port forwarding problem since they can join the servers I run from my normal steam library, so I must be doing something wrong in relation to SteamCMD or Unturned Dedicated Server app. Does anyone have any ideas on how I might fix this.

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Well incase anyone wants to know, I figured it out, something I only ever saw in one tiny video. I needed to create an inbound rule for windows firewall for a program - not just ports - and use the path for the unturned executable in SteamCMD>U3DS folder. Hope if anyone else has that problem this helps!

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