Synchronizing steam cloud

sometimes when i restart my game, this happens v v v
and then it tries to syncronise for ~2ish minutes

and then this happens :

its kinda annoying bcus as someone who recently got into mapping and modding, i tend to restart my game quite often and having a 2minute miniboss in the way is kinda like bruj
anyone know a fixerino?

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Wasn’t this the same issue a few years ago where steam overlay didn’t want to connect to unturned

There’s also an issue with Steam not installing Workshop file updates. I’ve played Unturned Classic on a community server recently and had no other choice of installing an update to this mod besides quitting the game client, unsubscribing and re-subscribing the mod I want to update (basically re-installing it).

This is typically more of a Steam/internet issue than an Unturned issue. Normally, Steam will sync with Steam Cloud after you close the game. If you close the game and then immediately relaunch the game, the files won’t have time to be synced.

You could wait longer between reopening the game after you close it, or disable Steam Cloud if you don’t want to use Steam Cloud.

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