System requiremets

I suggest to update the system requirements. Since the Unity 5 update, many low-end pcs started launching Unturned in pink colors instead of graphics due to DX11 transition (can be fixed with -force-d3d9 parameter, though, but the performance will be terrible).

And it’s clearly impossible to play the game on 2 gigs of RAM, on any map, even the small ones. Could be playable on 32 bits with 4 gigs, but didn’t try it.

Unless there will be an option to jump on DirectX 9.0c, the amount of VRAM is unspecified, because every single videocard that supports DirectX 11 has enough. If it will be, something like 128 megs of VRAM is needed. So, please update the requirements.

The current reqs I know are: DirectX11, 4 gigs of ram, and the old Celeron 1.7 GHz on socket 478.

I apologize for the lack of formatting and logical errors