Tacoma - Suggestions for Curated Content

Hello there, Mr. Fox here.

I’m rather new to this forum, and had stuck around for the game itself since 2016. As of 2019, I’ve been really diving deep into Blender, creating assets for what I would like to call a “Curated Map Submission” called “Tacoma” (a bunch of loose models and a dream), though I’ve had a bit of a roadblock in my way, long enough to deem detrimental to my progress! I checked out already existing curated maps, vanilla assets, workshop submissions, and a few suggestions here on the forum, I realized what might be wrong with my process: I don’t know what else I’d need!

What I already have in mind or have modeled is as follows:

  • Customizable Guns.
    A hard requirement, baffle kits and full stock and furniture replacement like in Polaris and Escalation. I really liked the “paintable” guns in Buak, so that might be a fun thing to implement (gun wraps anyone).
  • Overhauled Gunplay.
    Something Unturned lacks is not enough detail to gunplay. Danaby2 on the Workshop submitted “Danaby2’s Fun Guns” which featured spray patterns. I really liked the muzzle flashes and sounds that Arid guns had, but the recoil was too “pushy”, not “punchy”. What do I mean by that? Get the “Sauce” SVD from Elver, and focus on how it recoils. Making the gun recoil a little more “snappy” unless a stock is fixed, or if the gun is heavy. You know, the wee-little details.
  • Life beyond the map border.
    Trains blaring their horns, gunshots fired, animals, wind, either heard or seen in the distance. In some cases, you might see the headlight of a train or car passing on a road beyond the map border.
  • Timed or Scripted events (night/day specific functions, specific sounds as per time, full moon events, trains passing at specific set times.
  • Expanded crafting system.
    More Farming Mod-style cooking, more items and components required to craft or salvaged from, ect…
  • Cutscenes.
    Traveling from one point to another, committing to a specific action, cinematic cutscene to describe what’s going on or what a quest-line will be.
  • More destructible environments.
    Small trees can be plowed through like the vanilla telephone post, structures can be demolished, walls can be blown out, ect.
  • More map hazards.
    Electrical boxes, fuel puddles, unstable catwalks, and a few more like those of Escalation.
  • More animated items.
    Buak had inspect animations for pill bottles and soda cans, so why not implement inspect animations for more items? Can crafting trigger animations, or is that not a thing yet?.
  • Respected environments.
    Objects like flags or particles will be oriented to respect what direction the wind will be going in, same for street signs for compass direction or their designated road names.
  • Immersive Pre-Infection World.
    OSHA, DOJ, agencies and other operational logic that would have restricted how things looked and functioned before the infection.
  • Realistic Infection/Storyline
    This will be explained in detail in game.
  • Overhauled clothing system.
    Mesh replacement, combining clothing articles for more space, upgrading armor and backpacks, better ballistic/melee protection depending on what the player is wearing. Things like hammers will still damage players through helmets thanks to bludgeoning damage. Ballistics should respect armor depending on what caliber is used, unless there is an Unturned source code restriction to that…
  • Better Multiplayer Meta.
    No more easy raiding, get smart or go broke because you’re going for an “all or nothing” mission when raiding! Storage will be nerfed, items will be larger to make the player think about what they want to keep or not. This restricts item hoarding and stunts progression to a pace everyone can keep up with).

As tedious as this seems, I’ll be real here.
Immanuel Kant once said, “Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play”.
Along with modeling experience others I’ve shown say is pretty decent (thanks Khalil <3), I’m pretty much taking shots in the dark here. Although there’s one thing that keeps me moving, a quote to counteract Kant’s statement:
Mark Twain once said, “The best way to get ahead is to get started”.

If there’s any suggestions, feel free to comment! I’ll try to post dev-logs for this map, and maybe a little sneak peek here and there for the community.

With much gratitude, maybe a kiss, and wishing for luck during my journey.
~ Sincerely, The (Somewhat) Fantastic Mr. Fox.

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