Tales of a Germany Jerky Vendor Ep.1(Trading tutorial in vanillas or semi vanillas)(now with some images for the trade outpost

In this tutorial we will talk about the next topics

Starting to trade


(any opinion being bad or good can be writed for me to see if its worth to be used)
(If you fail with this fake book its most likely i either failed as a unturned trading proffesor or you just have bad luck)

(this tutorial will be edited multiple times for lots or reasons such as forgot to put some stuff grammar error so it doesnt look more shittier than its already,some jokes that maybe never will be put and last some stuff cuz i want it to be perfect you can see how a wrong person i am in the changed edits stuff)

Hello im justcallmeneg from a server of germany of kodak exactly the number five and this its a tutorial for become one with people and get not killed ever im experienced in trading with the toxics and the good ones and here its the way you can be a good trader and get loved by everyone

Starting:to start your business you gonna need some special ingredients that its most likely you have

-A team
-A trade outpost
-Good reputation with the usual people in that server or be known for being rich in resources

Hardcore tip that aint a tip:to make it hurt everytime you got raided in the trade outpost let most of your items of trading in it

The first ingredient its use for support in case of any problem happening on my experience it was a high quality but toxic to strangers team ive got saved some times by them and i thank it a lot and can help you to keep your loot away from your obvious spot and next ingredient

The trader outpost can be made as whatever you like at this point its most likely you dont have enough resources for sentries so try to improvise to make a window with a crate below it so you can trade at your safety remember that you have to make it be seen so try to do it in a popular place that isnt inside a city or mili but can be close to it in my case i use the berlin little island as my terrain for construcion

Tip:if youre a windows person use black in one side windows because theyre gun proof and you dont get seen in case of any hostile stranger

Reputation:maybe this aint fallout new vegas but yet you will need good reputation with people to make a good reputation you can give weapons for free and accept all groups either toxic or not
you can always talk with the unknown in chat to chill a bit and get good reputation with that one person in my case i was already known for being a good person but you may not so try to seduce them to not kill you multiple times even being naked with your incredible charismatic and diplomatic talking

tip:its most likely russians hate you for some reason so maybe you should either not talk to them or put a sign of peace specifically for them

tip:if you are a evil person that its known by being evil you should or not be a trader or change name and profile pic

tip:make an industrial trading that means in high amount there are some easy ones such as metal scrap trading because most people dont want to spent time on farming it

-neutral or hostile turrets (neutral shall be put on the trade room in the side of the visitor and the hostile be put close to you for condifence and fear of them to get shoot if they do something stupid)

If everything got good congratulations time for the next topic Defences:be a trader has its dangers and advantages but you can always make the danger be less todays ingredients are these:

(i dont have any story related to defense in my trading experience so…)

-metal walls Easy to know what you gonna need and to do but remember that if you use windows put them some metal pillars so its harder to enter

-goodies vault You cant just leave all the spec ops vests and pdws in the trade outpost its most likely you gonna get raid want it or not so always be prepared for it and think about it you gonna need a secret place wherever the place

-confusing signs(in only non visitors rooms) if you get raid its most likely they see the path for goodies if youre a ordened person so you gonna have your own code where there its the guns put a sign of medicines or food thats just an example and this its optional

-More sentry turrets put them in places that a person would use to camp you like in the old days of cod remember that this have to be hostile cuz its most likely you shouldnt let visitors there

tip:Night traider or maplestrikes are the best weapons to use in a sentry because they have good damage and good cadence so remember that when seeing what you should use on your sentry

tip of the tip:use shotguns in the sentries if the rooms are supposed to be in a close and little area like a single room

-industrial generator you know what its it for but remember

-claim flags remember to hide them if you dont want all the last stuff thrown to trash

tip non related to claim flags:if you gonna get raided by someone you gonna get raided most likely want it or not but you can make them change opinion via your spectacular conversation strategy or via raiding them before you

tip non related to claim flags again:Unturned its a chaos its most likely you will at least get raided once or killed once during the trading procedure so remember that even those problems will help you on the future to become a better trader

remember that if you liked it make me know it cuz there a plenty more of stuff to talk about to how to be a better trader in unturned

And thats the first episode for now my fellow unturned people i hope it helped you and if you want to learn to raid the trading place… hmmp the tutorial was fake?

images of the builds

it seems shitty but it will save you in case of an online raid or make you shoot worst

you gonna need a window wall with glass plates preference of bullet proof but put the crate close in a way that almost glitched through more than half of the window frame

a bit of the pixels are enable to use the storage button so dont get too stressed out if you cant open the crate at first btw nelson pls do some window trade frame or something like that its so horrible make this glitch just to not get a bullet in my head


As a russian, I understand you.

btw didn’t understand what was this post about

literally a tutorial of how to be a trader but i dont think people wants to be one

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