Tales of a Germany Jerky Vendor Ep.2(Trading tutorial in vanillas or semi vanillas)

Hello readers,please tell me if you like the tutorial so i keep it up and this tutorials dont dissapear since there arent enough traders in unturned

Today we will talk about:

Create a trade object(money)



Create a trade object
To create a money in the game you have to pick a item you feel valuable into the most use trade object for example i want to buy a maplestrike at pei and the trader sells it at 50 scrap metal lets say so the money will work this way

  1. metal scrap:50 units to buy the maple

2.Glue:25 units to buy the maple

3.Frag grenades:1 unit to buy the maple

4.Charge:0.5 units to buy the maple

And you will say ´why use a trade object when you can use other stuff to trade´
The reason its because you would lost valuable fake and you will end up losing a lot of ´coins (scrap metal)´ to get the stuff you want and it same since these objects are valuable for people and you theyre most likely going to trade

Tip:any item can be used but i suggest to use a value item so it is easier for people to trade and will search more of it to give you so you can use it for your own purposes or more trading for example you can use that metal to make your trade outpost better .

now lets talk about how an excellent person you are shall we?
All traders have to be experienced in conversation skills just like in real life a ancient trader would but at difference the people that you kill here will come back at some point and thanks to the good reputation you have they either gonna know where to raid or who to kill so its better always kill the person and then let most of its loot there and tell him he can recover it back if he wants if he does a tpa remember to escape because most users are hostile but that may make you their friend

Representation of you with a random toxic ganger enemy after he got its loot back when you killed him and spared its loot (you are the vault boy)
Tip:Toxic allies are mostly xenophobic(unknowns) so once youre with them its most likely they stop being a evil person

if you have a reputation of not known or evil for people you can always use that to your advantage and make someone do the dirty job for you if he doesnt want to get publicly executed or worst,raided

Now even like that people will be hostile towards you and will try to kill you but you can change that with a few ways such as…

omg a skirt hes a femboy

The dress matters want it or not so you should stop using certain real life representations that someone its not good

1.an angry face or weird to know such as the angry faces and maniac smile
This its the face catalog the unique mostly friendly faces for the humans are the next 0,1,7,8,10,13,20,23,29
(im too lazy to know if some of them are npc faces so see it yourself)

the clothing you use needs to be civilian for more familiarity try to make it of a certain color

Tip:you can use some custom shirts such as turtle,banana,or any cool looking shirts to impress people with your fashion and not point a gun to your head as soon they saw you

And thats it for the episode 2 pls this time say if you liked it or nor or give some likes PLS I DONT WANT TO CANCEL THIS

news:i may get a job and buy some film editor so i can make this blogs onto a video with my charismatic and espectacular traits to make you love me baby girl so lets see how it goes


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