Taming Animals in Unturned II?

With the discussion of Nelson adding a PoE style skill tree, I was thinking about having a skill tree dedicated to Animals. Like a nature tree that has a few branches for like gardening Taming Animals. etc.

There should be tameable Animals in the game, (If you have the right skills of course.) Here is an idea for some Animals to tame.

  • Wolves (Along with other breeds of domestic Dogs)
  • Feline (Like Cats, Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs, Leopards?)
  • Bears even? (Kinda self explanatory)
  • If you have a friend trained in making makeshift items for example, They should potentially be able to create armor for your companions.

P.S (I’m new to the forums and this is my first post, don’t be too harsh please)


Definitely an interesting, albeit common, idea. How would this benefit the player’s experience though in a more unique way than anything else we have in 3.x or that’s planned for 2? I personally don’t see too much use for a player companion in a game like Unturned as even in games more so made for them, like the Fallout series, they sometimes can be more annoyance than good so I’m curious on seeing your viewpoint on them.

While I do agree that taming animals should be a thing, it should be kept for dogs, cats and livestock, otherwise I dont see much sense in being able to tame a Lion or a Bear, better keep that for mods.

As an avid player of the fallout series, I can attest to the annoyance of companions, I know my idea is common, However it’s one I feel passionate about. I feel having some sort of companion system would be a nice addition to having bandit A.I. Of course bears and lions are a bit of a stretch, But I was struggling to think of ideas as I’m sick right now. What could be cooler than rolling around with a pack of wolves that have body armor? I can’t think of anything.

You’re probably right, As I mentioned is this new reply. It is a bit far fetched. However, I was stretched for Ideas as I’m sick right now. Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

Well yeah it kind of “would be cool” but don’t really see how that’d benefit anyone gameplay-wise as a feature “just being cool” and not pulling any weight usually isn’t that great of an idea, don’t see how useful they’d be also in a mainly multiplayer oriented game also.

It could be useful in the sense as perhaps, Someone with a high tier in the Makeshift crafting tree for example. Could let’s say, Create armor? Or some sort of storage system for the animal to hold? Maybe having a animal/pack of animals is more likely to prevent you from being attacked by other animals
, but zombies detect you easier? Or for example if you have a dog and a set of zombies, Your dog could go and sneak attack one while you preform an execution move on another to keep yourselves hidden? There are things that could be done to make them practical. However, yes I do understand that there isn’t a massive need for them. However, I retort by saying there is features in unturned already that we don’t need

There are quite a bunch of possible use for animals. Dogs may be used to protect the owner, bark when a predator or a zombie approach or could be used to bait zombies by barking. Livestock could be used for… being livestock while cats could be our new overlords (they already are) and gods (they already are as well) to whom we devote our lives (most cats owner already do so).

Also cats could dissuade pest (like rats) from screwing up your food stocks (if that’s a thing) and dogs could help hunting animals, survivors or zombies.

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For the love of god don’t.
Skills like that would not work well in a survival game, at all.

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I still don’t really see how this is something that would benefit the game much as to me it just seems like kind of an overcomplicated mess that relies on skills to even work which doesn’t really seem to be the thing this game needs more of, plus most of this stuff another player or even yourself can already do fairly easily and without needing another inventory to sift through and organize that can just also wander off and get killed. Flares and even firing off a gun can do the same thing as just barking at a zombie also.

You don’t have to see it the same way as me, That’s fine. However Nelson said he wants a PoE style skill tree, and you need skills to put in there.
As for your point, Sure a flare or firing a gun can do the same thing, but is having options really a bad thing? It keeps things from being boring, Maybe the bears and cats were overkill. However having a dog can’t be that bad, A.I is already gonna be there, I’m just saying I want some sort of companion system. If there is bandit’s why can’t their be companions?

This still practically entirely relies on that one specific skill system though, which I’ve only seen from you and in one card at the bottom of a list that just says “it’d be neat” from 2018. Most of the options for luring zombies elsewhere already have more than enough options also really nor is it something players ever really need options for as flares in 3.x are excessively common and do the job just fine and most of the time. It really doesn’t seem worth adding to have to balance around each player being the balancing equivalent of two and having players deal with multiple inventories at the same time. It may work better in a singleplayer environment but sadly Unturned 3.x and even versions before it are mainly multiplayer focused and the large majority of players only play for Multiplayer which brings up the concern of “How are Companions going to be handled on larger servers?” or “Is there a limited number of Companions on one server at a time?” et cetera.

I believe this is a good idea, I also believe we should be able to farm animals (although that would be hard to add)

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I think some pets would be cool and farm animals would be really nice to have.

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