Tank and machine gun on it

how would you like the idea that a machine gun would appear on the tank, since with a regular muzzle, which can only be useful during a raid, it is not much appreciated, so for a shot for a raid because finding a shell for a tank is very problematic.(I use google translate, so something may not be core)


i think sounds nice c:, also, if u want too translate, use DeepL translate, its the best translator i found, i only use it to very elaborated answers or posts, but now im using my knowledge english XD ( hablas español, no thanos? )


Honestly I really don’t think tanks should have any place in U2. Maybe a stationary tank, but that would be the most.


Support for coaxial weapons would be nice (that way you just change weapon without having to switch a seat) but I dont see tanks being in the base game.

However I remember that one mission in JC3 where you had to fight using an immobilised tank and I could see a map on horde mode (or a location on the map / area for boss fight) having something similar ; a blown up immobilised armored vehicle whose turret can still be used to fight.

In all honesty, I was a big supporter of tanks in U2, but nowadays I have a not so good view of them.
For one reason: they are very difficult to balance.
Basically, a tank is invulnerable to zombies. Most likely he could advance almost unstoppable through almost endless hordes with almost no problems at all.
Not to mention, destroying one is a very difficult task without countermeasures (like RPGs), even more so if they are modern tanks.
Of course you could say it’s just making it rare or hard to maintain. And it really is a very interesting way to balance, but it may end up falling into disuse in such a way that it is not worth the disk space it would add to the game.

TL;DR: Tanks are absurdly difficult to balance in a survival game.

I didn’t know it, I’m testing it here and I like it, it seems to be better than google translator.

Talvez ele não consiga, mas eu consigo entender uma boa parte do que você fala :sunglasses:


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