Tanks and APCs

(No, this is not a topic if Tanks and APCs should be in the game)

I do not know if it was completely clear if there will be tanks and / or APCs, but assuming there were, which ones would you rather see in Unturned 2? (if you do not want any, say at least what you like best)

Personally I would very much like to see Leopard 1 (in the case of tank)

And the Guarani VBTP-MR Guarani or the EE-11 urutu (in the case of APCs)


Unturned is quite heavy in featuring locations in North America and is confirmed to take place in current-ish time (give or take a year or two) so early in development it’s going to just about guaranteed that we’re going to start off with a map in US or Canada, so I’ll focus on those two countries’ militaries.

Leopard 1s are a bit old now. Currently Canada uses the Leopard 2A7 as their primary MBT and America uses the M1A2 Abrams as their MBT of choice. As for APCs you’re going to frequently see the M3 Bradley or one of a few different LAV models.

The Guarani and Urutu seem more at home in a Brazil-focused map which I doubt is going to be a launch map so there’s a good possibility of those coming later in development.

Would personally love to see a Tiger II (H) but that’s some wishful thinking considering there’s ~10 survivors out of 492 made


I’m personally a big fan of smaller light tanks and armored cars. Definitely a Bradley and a BTR. Would like to see a T-70, but those have been outdated for a bit over six decades.

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Bob Semple


This should probably be in u2 category

As @Armaros stated, the Abrams and the Bradley are most likely going to be added, but concerning other countries, I wouldn’t mind a modern BTR.

Would love to see a KV-II or similar SPG. The KV-II holds a special place in my heart. As when it was used in WWII, it trolled early war German Panzer Divisions that were powerless to stop it. A good example of this was at the Battle of Raseiniai. The tl;dr of that was that a lone KV-II in Lituania was able to hold of the entire German 6th Panzer Division for a day.

The crew fought with such vigor and tenacity that when the tank was finally knocked out, the Germans buried the crew with full honors for facing such a fantastic opponent.

And now, the KV-II lives as one of the biggest memes in gaming history in WoT and WT. :slight_smile:

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Sensha-Dō in Unturned II confirmed?

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You make the steam group then :wink:

Tanks should be small, I don’t think huge tanks belong in a survival game like UII. Light tanks should be able to be found, like the Scimitar and FV101 Scorpion.

(Yes, I know these aren’t technically tanks, but if you’re someone pedantic enough to point this out then you’re a nerd who will never get laid)

Also, who said we need tanks based off real world ones? I think a completely new design would be far more interesting.

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Brazil still uses Leopard 1a5

I made these suggestions really in case there is a map in Brazil, since I am also sure that I will see an M1 or Bradley.

Who does not like Tiger 2?

That’s probably what we’ll find in the game

Your profile photo kind of says it. XD

I also believe we should not have huge, armored tanks, I told Leopard 1 because it is not absurdly armored like an M1 Abrams. That is why I also set the example of the APCs.

This is undoubtedly true, now I imagine it might be a little time consuming to create a brand new tank, but it’s still a great idea.


Nice choices of APCs.

Actually, I kinda also want this armored couch tractor thing called a T-20 Komsomolets.

There’s also a couple variants of this.


Roof version to keep passengers from getting rained on.


Infantry support vehicle variant with 37mm Pak 35/36 gun.


Tank destroyer variant with 57mm ZIS-30 gun.

Tanks should be ingame, but with a few tweaks. The canons are usually broken, and when they arent it takes 3-4 people to operate the tank

Tanks should be used as a more effective way to get through large hordes, rather than a vehicles people just take the fuel out of then leave it. They should still move quickly through large hordes, though get slowed down a bit. Thought hey would keep slowing downt he longer you go through, untill they finally get stuck like every other car. Though they go a lot farther doing so.

Tank shells should be even rarer than they are now. And it should be relatively easy to break the treads.

Also, add a machine gun on top of the cannon for some tanks. Or well, the M1A2 Abrams at least. tanks could become effective for travel through the city. Even if the canon doesnt work, you have the machine gun on top and tank treads. If the canon does work, you can use it to pick off powerful turned, while you plow over the weaker ones and the machine guns kills others that are nearby.

Ect ect.

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Also add a type of fuel that is more rare and / or difficult to craft. This would be necessary to be able to make the tank work, and we will have an even more balanced vehicle.


This could be a type of tank we would do manually, like the makeshift Unturned 3.0 cars.
He would not have extremely powerful armor, but he could handle pistol shots and even who knows some 5.56mm rifle, but would not be able to handle higher calibers or a large number of zombies.

I doubt something like that could really be called a “tank” though.

If we get a map with expanded “militia” locations I wouldn’t mind seeing some outdated Soviet tanks and other vehicles spawning at those locations. It’d be interesting to have some cheaper to maintain but somewhat weaker counters to late game military vehicles.


Not technically.


If we call “this” a car, that can be a tank XD

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If we are talkining about tanks lets bring and penetration , for example I dont think tanks and armored APC should get dameged , I really doubt a zombie or 6969 zombies would punch that 100mm armor and make it blew up or fly away.(thats just Unturned 3.0 logic)

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Well shit…