Team based Spectator Nametag Colours

With the Shift + F7 spectator option, it is difficult to see who is on who’s team. i had the idea of coloured nametags, this is what i came up with.


The swan approves this post :swan:

Yeah this sound like a pretty cool feature.

Adding onto that, I find it strange that names still remain until the player clicks respawn.
I think it would make more sense if the player name disappears as soon as they die :]

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I think that was added so teammates could find the downed persons loot, or at least that’s how I use it, but I do think it should be changed to show that they have died by putting a skull next to it or making the text a different color

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Thats just how 3.X works. Player dies, but cam and entity remain there.
Colored names in spectator mode would be neat tho.

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