Team death match in vanilla

It would be great to have an option while making arena maps, to create a team death match. These gamemods have always been pretty much popular, but everytime you have to relate to some plugin (or even multiple plugins) and that is kinda annoying.
Everything will be just like the actuall arena with rounds, resets etc, the only addition would be a configurable timer (would be nice to also have it displayed on screen) and the presence of 2 teams.

The teams could be static (each players gets into one of the 2 teams and then stays there) or dynamic (each round players switch teams) by configurable option. Being in a team will also add a temporary group jus like the steam or the ingame one, so people could see teamates and avoid friendly fire. Also important, is to have dedicated spawn nodes for each team, so that the look of this would be way less like an FFA mode (like the actual arena for example).

Some extra additions, in case this ever see’s the light, are:

-Configurable skills for each team (this will give way more diversity options for map makers and their creativity)
-Configurable loadout (so you can set something very specific from the start)
-A score tab, so people can see who gets more kills\deaths and generally which team is doing better (in case of the static teams option)

Thanks for reading!



survival is dead


It’s more like: since Unturned 3.0 became such an hybrid game overtime despite it’s original survival purpose, with all of those rp’s, tdm’s, sandbox\creative modes, prison escape modes, ffa battles (arena) and so on, why shouldn’t it have more hybrid configurable options!
Especially if it shouldn’t really require big developing efforts (like in this case).

I like how unturned became a game with Basicly every game mode.

If I have a craving it can satisfy it, there is something for every mood and personally type.

Unturned is a sandbox game as well as a survival game.

Keep that in mind.

I’ve played a team death match before actually. It was Clone Wars themed and in beta (probably alpha) but it was still pretty fun.

It’s definitely possible but getting more options wouldn’t hurt.

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Maybe utilize the Steam Groups to form the teams? idk really know the exact mechanic but I think it’s what is done on 3.x.

I feel like this defeats the purpose of having a custom game mode.


I’ve seen servers do this.

That is true, and even if the whole process is a bit clunky, people have been doing this the entire time
-Join server>read rules>exit server>find steam group>add name tag>rejoin server-
because people love’s tdm games. Just think of counter strike, it’s been almost 20 years that’s around; the examples are countless.
So in my opinion adding an easier hostable\buildable tdm mode will greatly benefit Unturned, especially at it’s current status. I mean it might take more then a year before U II comes out so you might want to keep players busy with extra\new stuff and tdm modes have basically an infinite longevity.

Idk the raw tecnicall part, but the way I see it this is how the thing should look like:
In the editor, you will have 2 extra player spawn nodes (those manequins), a blue one and a red one. You might keep the black one that already exists for the lobby respawn.
Now, in the config.jason there would be an extension to cover the configurable part, where you will be able to chose the teams name, the teams loadout, the skillsets and if the teams would be dynamic or static. Once the round starts, if the teams are dynamic, a player will be assigned to one of the two teams depending on which one has less members, and the next round he will be moved to the opposite one. For static teams, I would leave the choice to the player but keeping in mind a balance factor, so that there can’t be a situation where they are 5 vs 10 for example.

The skillset will work just like a loadout, but it will count the skills in a discent order, so if the first number is 0, that means that overkill would have 0 levels. If the second number is 5, it will determinate that the sharpshooter skill level will be 5 and so on. This might seem a bit unpractical but it could be better then having a very long column of options, since that the jconfig isn’t that short already.

Team red name: Alpha
Team red Loadout: 253/214/181/343/363/17/148/15/15/81
Team red Skillset page 1: 0/4/4/2/5/6/5
Team red Skillset page 2: 2/3/2/4/1/0/4
Team red Skillset page 3: 0/0/0/3/5/0/1/3
Team blue name: Bravo
Team blue Loadout: 202/209/185/344/309/310/126/127/394/394/394/394/13/13/14/14
Team blue Skillset page 1: 3/5/4/6/2/3/4
Team blue Skillset page 2: 2/3/2/4/1/0/4
Team blue Skillset page 3: 0/0/0/3/5/0/2/3
Static teams: :heavy_check_mark: or :x: (so it’s toggable, one excludes the other)
Timer: 500 (in seconds)

And so on :slight_smile:


Rather interesting. I mean, I see no reason to NOT do something like this. Most people seem to talk about PvP, even if they’re playing survival. The start of a good story is a gun in your hand, or so it seems.

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