Team for a Large Curated Map Project ("CedarValley")

Hello everyone. Me and my friend nodus came up with a pretty unique and fresh curated map concept. We’re thinking about making it all along, and a few days ago nodus inspired me to finally do this. We combined both of our ideas about layout/gameplay and finally here we are, on the Forum.
Because we’re only 2 (nodus is a modder and map-maker and I’m is just a map-maker, probably will learn how to make NPCs) we need a modding enthusiasts who can help us.
For the details, contact me on Discord: Atrau#7983
If you have questions and want to share your opinions, of course feel free.
Codename “CedarValley” curated map team.


The map’s size is Large and it’s snowy like Yukon.
Also we got Osadok (he’s a map-maker) in our team and all the assets from cancelled Iceland curated map.


thanks for the awesome information.

What is unique about your map, what makes it better than all the other huge maps?

Yukon large whit npcs like dragon_beast said what makes it better than all the other maps?

Winter Survival 2: Electric Boogaloo @tehswordninja


Yoooooooooo WS 2 baby