Team for Curated Map Project

Hello guys, I’m currently looking for people that have a lot/good experience with map making to make a curated map with me. The thing I’m mostly looking for is people that can do the level design and items. As I can do vehicles and objects. If you are interested, you can reply with your discord here or add me : William Wallace TC#9999. If you got any ideas for a map, also post them here.


Are you putting together a team without an idea for the map?

Yes, because I can’t make any original idea.


Do you at least have an idea on what size you want the map to be?

At one point I had an idea of doing a curated map with Fili, it didn’t last long but here are two of the buildings I made for it if you can get any ideas out of them. I also have an image for what the map looked like from above.


mate you need some idea
cause if you go into the project with no idea it’ll be over with in the week

also that map looks fly as fuck, you could’ve designed it like elver

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Love the designs!

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Mrobi is great at making maps

Maybe a scorpion 7 run archipelago, with fog and mist and with a horror theme to it

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I really like this concept. Tell me how you’re getting such ideas!

I have a new map that I have started off actually, I haven’t done any detailing of locations or anything yet but I have the terrain all mapped out for locations, with some flat areas etc.

I don’t really have much time to do it so I probably wouldn’t be able to make a curated map with you, but I can send you the map files and you could do something with them if you want, terrain is all done. It uses easter island materials though, so you might have to make some new ones if you’re aiming for a curated map.

The map is intended to be set somewhere in Africa, it’s a mountainous map with some valleys and rivers. If you want I can send you the files and you can take a look at them, although I won’t really be able to make any items or anything it could be a good starting point for you I guess, if you’re making a map yourself or with someone else.


Well I can’t work with Blender, so it’s just the map editor stuff, a little bit of devkit stuff and NPC making lmao.


Thanks man just ask me if you need elaboration and stuff

I’m down to help out with a project, I’ve been working on a few solo projects recently and I think one of them could work well as a team map. contact me for further details or interest in it. Ant#3836

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Only thing I’m good at is terrain design

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