Teasers for the Update

Hey, everyone! It’s been a bit since last update. The next Unturned update will probably be released on September 30th.

This update brings a few changes to the game, with many of these currently available on the preview branch. Such as…

  • Increasing gun recoil.
  • Audio for interacting with items from your inventory (e.g., moving or rotating items).
  • Explosions causing camera shake.
  • A directional “flinch” when you’re damaged.

A short video of the Grizzly’s recoil changes.

Outside of the preview branch, we’ve also recently added mannequin previews to cosmetic items on the Stockpile item store. In the future, it’s planned for these to include previews for the full outfits of bundles as well.


The recoil is real

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Thank you for the little sneak peek! :fred:

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Yes good addition.

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Oh. My. God. Its finally happening, im super glad for the recoil changes. Any gun changes is a plus for me. I hope the maplestrike gets the nerf it deserves! <3