Technical question: magazine attachment damage modifiers

Been looking through the game files recently, and stumbled upon the following: On the different Autocannon belts(France, curated map), the damage modifier is sometimes blank(i.e. there is no number), sometimes a positive integer and sometimes zero. Is there a functional difference between the damage modifier being blank or zero?

Relevantly, you can refer to official documentation. For anyone who doesn’t want to download the mods just to see what the question is over, here’s the relevant properties being used:

Range 1
Zombie_Damage 60
Animal_Damage 0
Barricade_Damage 0
Structure_Damage 0
Vehicle_Damage 0
Resource_Damage 0
Object_Damage 0

To directly answer your question—these aren’t damage modifiers. All of these properties are used for an explosive AoE effect, caused by the magazine. This is a separate damage source from projectile itself. The default value for when any of these floats are left blank is 0.

For a damage multiplier, you’d use Ballistic_Damage_Multiplier. This applies a multiplier to the damage value of the actual projectile.

If you’re trying to contribute to the old wiki, I don’t believe there’s any templates you can use for displaying this information.

If you’re trying to contribute to the official SDG Wiki, there is a dedicated infotable template for explosive damage sources, such as the explosive AoE of the vanilla HMG Box. (Note that curated content is currently out-of-scope on the official wiki.)


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