Technical Questions in UE4

I’m currently developing a game in UE4 and I had a couple questions for Nelson (or anyone who knows for that matter) on how he handled certain obstacles in development. In case it matters the game I am developing is an Multiplayer FPS similar to a battlefield game or Team Fortress 2 (with much less fancy stuff haha). I’d also like to say you have been one of my greatest inspirations to learn how to develop games!

  1. How do you handle things like bulletholes? I’ve been using decals, although they sometimes behave weird, such as walking to close to a decal makes it appear on you. I’ve also had problems attaching them right.

  2. How do you handle ADS mechanics? I know there are a slew of ways to do it. I’m currently looking into using a second camera on the gun and interping the cameras. On a related note how do you calculate the non-ads cross-hairs, since they move based on how accurate you currently are?

If you have any other advice you’ve learned from making games I would love to hear it! I have a million more questions but I want to respect your time, thanks for making such great games!

p.s. If Nelson were to make a few game making tutorials on Youtube, people like me would greatly appreciate it!

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