Technozombies and bunkers

So I’m basically stealing mottos technopath zombies thing.
But because his post takes an hour to read here is my idea.

Techno zombies spawn mainly in bunkers, randomly generated bunkers that start at the same start (and can end elsewhere aswell). These bunkers provide the best loot in the game, but be prepared to fight for it.
Bunker Details
These bunkers won’t all be dark, and force the player to bring in lights, some sections will be dark, others could also be flooded, caved in or jammed sections. The bunkers would have plenty of rooms and different things in it. The main defence would be zombies in the cramped tunnels. But also turrets and the technopath.
The Techno zombie
The techno zombie would be in rooms of the bunker, but it’s long tentacles reach throughout the bunker and have linked it to the defences. Some free turrets still attack players, but not zombies. (The reason they ignore zombies is obvious so they arent abused but it could be something like they are programmed to not attack inhabitences, and the zombies are all in the system as inhabitants.

The techozombie would be easily killed on its own, and its death deactivates the turrets, so thinking smart would be key to avoid wasting time destroying turrets.

I have a few other ideas, like a gaser zombie that gasses the room your in with poison. But that’s it for now.
Pls Ignore the spelling and poor formate, I’m tired.


Sounds like an interesting idea.
Shame all I could think of is this techno-union

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