Teleportation Via Car

If you press M in a car you teleport out of it, then when you drive your character moves! It also causes these screenshots:

If you skip to 43:30 in this video:
You can see me figure out this bug xD.

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This, essentially, just reloads your character. Not sure it’d be considered it a bug, since it should just be a debugging tool.


Wouldn’t something similar happen if a player is killed while driving?

Will fix! Sitting directly under the grass with the sniper :smile:


Happy cake day Nelson!

Though people were talking about it a few days ago so I dunno xd

July 27th, but I’ve gotten birthday wishes a month late and never minded, so… :thinking:


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could swear there was a similar bug for 3.0

It was much worse. You could glitch into walls using a car…

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