Tell your funny stories of unturned

tell funny things that happened to you in the unturned.
to tell you funny things that happened to you in the unturned.

Me and my group were looting those camps that exist on all the maps, we started making a house, then we saw some lights coming towards us, it was another group on motorcycles they started to fly the bikes in circles with us in the middle, it seemed like those movie scenes I’m going to try to put a scene here, then they killed us,ago a noob asked to spend the night with us, I think he was the only one left alive.

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I had just entered a BR server, I was born on a farm. I looted her and then I followed a road, so I saw that two guys had surrendered him, he was with his hands up.
What could I do?
You could leave it alone and go. But ANTA here, went there to help the guy. And then I had a sportshot or it was a double barrel, I only know that in a second I went from rescuer to victim, a guy gave me an axe in my head and I died, they were 3 then I had no chance of reaction. (Sim, dois viraram Três!!)
What did I learn from this?
Never help anyone on an Unturned server.

I had good gear and it was stolen then I was thrown off a cliff

i shot 2 kids, and before they died the screamed… it was funny back then


Was on pve server (I had 3 hours) when I had to help my friend get his motor bike out of the factory. I came and flipped his vehicle and it floated for about 3 second after I flipped it got stuck in a corner then bounced out and he managed to get in whilst it bounced out and I took the photo.

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#1. Driving in a rainbow car with a radio with custom music.

#2. I just spawned in a creative server and someone was standing next to me with a gun and I looked at him, then he started shooting and I was just staring at him thinking like what are you doing and it took him about 5 shots till he killed me.

#3. Raging every time I crash an airplane. hehe i still find it funny

And now you’ve realized that it is very sad and that you’ve made a mistake.

I made friends with russians, then a guy and a femboy killed us. There was literally a field of loot, i grabbed a chainsaw and killed both of them. They accused me of hacking and ragequit.

Once I cross teamed with a random guy to kill another guy that was actually in my in-game group. I said to the cross teamed guy that I will rush him and I pretended that I killed him. He said okay and started shooting me, but my friend blasted hsi face. I got it recorded and it was an awesome experience.

I think he started shooting you because he knew you where in the group and that it was a trap.

He didn’t he wanted to betray me. He even told me in chat afterwards.

This story was in a modded server. It had mods to make it replicate rust. “Rustturned” if you will

I was looting a location and i was about to head to another for more loot, when suddenly i see a guy.
Of course in all of those hours of me playing unturned. My only natural instinct was to panic like an incompetent fool. But i had a great idea.

I turned on my mic as i scheme with glee
“Hey dude it’s me, your friend”. I say casually with a malevolent undetone. He responds with a comment that had the tone of reasurement saying “oh okay”.
i then killed him once he approached me. He was really pissed, and i was really baffled thinking it really worked.

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  • I had the ability to walk and drive through buildings and other objects. It was a workshop map and I had a clientside copy that was missing some of the objects. Concerned bystanders were calling the exorcist.

  • I flew a Huey into @danaby2 in a factions server.

  • Sky police. Sky police.

  • Killing an LMG user in a creative arena server using a Birch Bow. Head on in the open. At 30 m. Alternatively, being in a gang of nakeds and pummeling a chainsaw wielder to death.

  • When Greece came out and I was messing around with its content in a creative server, a favourite tactic of mine was to get a Spartan, move it to a high traffic area, and hide in the hull (which was entirely closed, rendering me invisible from the outside). Clueless players would either walk right past or attempt to steal it, and I’d promptly materialize in the HMG gunner’s seat to say hello. If I was particularly sadistic, I’d pack a Lancer (or the MLRS, which went undiscovered for quite a while) and leave the vehicle unlocked.

  • Having @pondfisher hijack the gunner’s seat of my Commander in a TDM setting and wreak havoc while micspamming the Pirates of the Caribbean theme. Oh, and then he tenderized me with a Quadbarrel as I tried to get him out.

  • Hiding in the grass with a Dagger (yes, the Ireland AWM) in the Athens Arena trailer. During shooting for this scene, I had gone a different direction than the others by mistake so I played it off as a sneakybeaky flank. Doesn’t matter though since I die twice in the trailer



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Me and my friend stole a tank from some donaters on p2w server right at front of them, and then we sunk it. Later when we got our gear ready (we didn’t donate), raided their base at mafia’s mansion on Russia, called the entire server to the event and covered the whole floor with spikes. I didn’t witness their login on a server next morning, but my friend told me they were furious, screamed at everyone and so on.


I killed 4 people in 20 seconds in a heavily modded pvp server, with camp axe. It was really funny when i managed to pull that off.

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i black peopl

gave a guy antibiotics
he died later that day

idk whats worse
the fact killed someone or i an impending lawsuit