Temperature update?

I was thinking items should have a built in temperature (ill go more indepth later) and that could transfer over to the player. This would prevent quick looting in some places as a new player lengthening the gameplay loop.

Basically items in your inventory and outside could have a temperature. How low that is could be based off of what the items is and where it is located. A bucket in freezing snow, during the night or while its raining would have a lower temperature on the otherside an item inside your inventory, a locker indoors or next to a campfire could have a higher one an items material turned into a multiplier to not complicate things could play a part on how fast it frezzes or heats up. So if you pick it up that cold could lower your players temp faster causing you to freeze making use of the temperature system in place already. Multiple items would cause you to freeze faster ofcourse you could always have clothes and other not cold items on you that would get cold before you do so you can see if you have to start looking for shelter based off of the temp of your clothes.

Wetness system could also be cool that would make heat transfer faster between your char and the items that are in different temperatures. Rainproof versions of clothes could be a thing to combat this or umbrella actually having another use.

An update like this could also fix respawn abuse as the temperature of your character could be another setting that could be lowered by default on maps.

I like the idea but I don’t think it’d fit right in Unturned. Expanded temperature would be nice though.

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I don’t think that would be the best addition to most maps but a temp rework could certainly spice up Yukon gameplay, or other similar maps.

Per-item temperatures at the least would be interesting for food spoiling.

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