Terrain Editor changes – FAQ

Terrain Editor changes – FAQ

May 17th 2022 by Tyler “MoltonMontro”

"Last Friday, we released an update that included major changes to the legacy map editor as we work to merge the two different map editors (the legacy editor, and the devkit) together.

In retrospect, it was an obvious oversight to not have made any new guides or videos explaining how the merged terrain tools work. In the meantime, we have compiled a list questions that have been frequently asked, along with the answers to those questions."—SDG Blog


Global pin for a month.

How to ask Nelson a question about map editor update? I can’t choose between GitHub, email or Forum

Also @SDGNelson if you’re reading this, please, check our feedback on this Forum. We wrote quite a lot.

I believe Nelson checks the forum almost on a daily basis, but you can give it a shot by email if you want a more direct exchange.


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