Noob here. Can someone tell me how to either make a Terrain/Materials.unity3d file that uses everything from Yukon but the grass is replaced with the grass from Russia? Or just send it to me instead? Would be thankful

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  1. So you could use this guide to change your materials but it won’t contain snow
    Make your unturned map look like Russia - YouTube

  2. you use the devkit
    Unturned DEVKIT TERRAIN Quick Tutorial - YouTube

  3. somebody makes you a file containing all the materials you need

  1. You can use materials from Festive Russia. You can find map’s reupload in Steam Workshop and copy material files (details.dat /.unity3d ; materials.dat / .unity3d) from proper version.

Thanks to everyone, who replied. I decided to go with the easier solution and borrowed the materials and details(thanks for reminding about these btw) files from the Festive Russia map. One problem I have is that the editor does not want to generate grass details on the “dead” grass material, but since my map doesn’t need a lot of grass anyway I found a workaround of painting the ground with “farm”, baking grass and applying “dead” to the ground again

Check the settings on the details in the editor?

I tried selecting and deselecting pretty much everything. Didn’t work for some reason…