Tertiary slot for weaponry (Suggestion for 4.0)

A new addition for Unturned 4.0 that brings forth a new slot to the game. It is exclusive to handguns & melees, meaning that PDWs are inaccessible here for balancing. The third slot is essentially useful in most cases where you run out of ammo and would be needing a sidearm to back you up or fight back using a melee weapon against rushing other melee users or zombies; or using a stealthy weapon to prevent risking ammunition.

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I am not quite sure about this.

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What you’re describing is literally why the existing sidearm slot exists.

Am I the only person who uses a gun as a primary and a melee in secondary?

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Literally can’t even

Someone has done so much PvP that he got used to carbines being a secondary and forgot about everything else


Why not a good thing?
I just don’t like carrying a melee weapon while lacking a sidearm.

Well that’s supposed to be the tradeoff.

Ranged or melee sidearm. You should have to decide, and it’s not like re-equipping weapons mid-combat is even difficult. A third slot is really not necessary and also has the exact purpose the secondary slot serves in the first place.

imo if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it


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