Test Map : Bar

Bar would be a testing map.
Two versions of it : vanilla and horde mode.
It just gonna test a few things (i add two ideas of mine about pushing some specific obsticles such as fridges,boxes,wardrobes and etc. its diffrent from taking to your inventory a funitures,storages and others to inventory.Its for quick barricade second is using chairs and light objects like a weapon even throw them at someone) such as : melee combat,barricade stuff,throwing,interaction with items.
this one i hold last its…


most inportent mechanic of all times.

What will be added to that map?
-Empty bottles
-Beers (optional)
-Motorcycles (also opt.)

Welp thats it.


Ok so basically it’s a bar that has a lot of props that you can fight and interact in? It was a little hard reading your post to understand what your trying to accomplish here

So are you actually making a map in UE or what?

I think a farm in the countryside would make a fine test map


I think he’s suggesting a new test map for the sake of themed content / props, and then the mechanics he’s suggesting (using props as a weapon).


Exactly as i was intended to…

No its just suggestion i didn’t confirme i will do a map.
(Sorry for ruining your hopes maybe someone decide to build one)

Nah, I assumed that that is what this was about. Still tho, some day you might just.

If nothing else, I’d at least like to see the furniture examples get added into UII sometime soon.

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