The ability for barricades to snap together perhaps?

The pure agony of trying to make counters and sinks even is unbearable. Maybe an option or ability to create snap-able variants in game or in some technical way so someone could create a snap-able variant possibly through modding, if not existing already. (i.e. counters to counters, lockers to lockers, square tables to square tables, etc) Id recommend making only some be able to snap together, but for the ability for all barricades to have the option to snap together would be cool

That or allow an option to snap barricades to structures. Like to have them also able to be placed on floors/roofs in certain dimensions in a set given way.

However I do love the limitless free building but a combination of both would be nice, similar to how structures work.

Anyone else got any ideas of how it could be incorporated already?
Any ideas of specific barricades you would like to be able to snap to another?


Steps to make life easier:

Step 1: Go into Third Person
Step 2: Shift + F1
Step 3: Shift + F6

enjoy :filling_fullfueled:

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One idea I had was to add some method of creating custom hooks, mainly for one of the “car tuning” mods I’ve seen that lets you replace parts with versions that look different.

The idea there was that the attachment slots added to the custom cars were generic barricade slots. By adding a system for custom slots, which could be used as snap points, you could allow each part to be used in a specific location while preventing things like having a car fender floating in the middle of a doorway because the game let it be placed there.

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When it comes to cars in servers that only have first person view, I would really like to have Nelson include them mirrors so I can look behind and the sides. Mirrors would really be cool ingame as barricades, and small ones out of large pieces like the bulletproof window and one way window blueprints are nowadays.

When it comes to structures, I suggested long ago a floor that could be connected from a rump downwards so we can build down on hilly areas. As of now, if you want to expand your base downwards, your only choice is to make “another” base right below and milimetrically eyeguess the right angle, which is very difficult to make it nearly clipping your already existing foundations. Sometimes, I would like to build by the map borders and it’s always hard to install by the edge without going outside the map.

Cool idea ngl

in game, like survival.

Yeah that is in game
You can try it right now

No fees, surcharges, or subscriptions. Just go in and use those keybinds

Unless you’re doing it on a server where you can buy admin perms since you require those to do it in multiplayer.

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