The Ability to slow or stop time with commands

I think the ability to do /slowtime, /speedtime or /stoptime should be a supported command by Unturned. If a server for example wants days and nights last longer or shorter for example or if someone wants eternal full moon on hard mode I think they should be able to do such a thing.

Let’s say that someone wants an in game minute to be six seconds instead of two seconds. Someone would do /timeslow 3 and night would last 60 minutes and day would last 84 minutes. Of course this is just an example but I for one would think this would be an amazing tool for server owners and admins. What do you guys think of this idea of being able to slow down & stop time with in-game commands.

  • Yes, good idea for a new command
  • I’ve got mixed feelings about this
  • No thanks, we don’t need this

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I think it could be nice addition to map making. Setting the time speed in editor could be useful.

Isn’t this already a thing?


Ye, I was about to post that. If memory servers you can even stop it by setting it to 0, been a while tho. Actually stopping time (as in nothing/only the players move) would also be neat tho.


Oh, I wasn’t aware of that

@Renaxon Oh, so slowing and speeding down time is already a thing with commands? My bad, none the less I think actually being able to stop time with an in-game command would be interesting.

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