The Anomalous Zone

I’m not sure how “serious” in lore Unturned II is going to be, but i just loved the idea of the UFO’s, the mysterious brainwashings, the unnamed quest for the shadowstalker, and the “anomaly,” so why not have an entire zone dedicated to these?

In addition to deadzone, i think there should be an “anomalous” zone, where better loot spawns but conditions are harsher, it’d be more of a zone where preparations should be made, rather than just putting on a gas mask or bringing a bunch of meds. Some things about it would be,

-Spirits (tougher to kill, maybe zombified or just human spirits to spook players?)

-Extreme unnatural darkness

-Doesn’t show on normal maps, and maybe “glitchy” spots on GPSs

-Random “drug” effects, like those from berries

-Distant or close disturbing ambient noises, like footsteps becoming increasingly closer

-Unique easter eggs or bigger pieces of lore

-Only on 1(or 2) map(s)

-Vehicles don’t work in the zone

-Offroad, distant to any populated area or roads

-Unique spooooooky bosses?

-Normally small, like a bunker, house, or Church and so.

-Unique weapons?

-Certain (Questionably Sane) NPCs would give a quest to do something in this zone

I’m not 100% sure if this topic has been said before, or if it really should be in unturned II.
It could just be on one map, or on alot of maps like a deadzone.

In 3.X there wasn’t even a dead zone on every map. Not every map would need an anomalous zone and dead zone in 4.X either.

Whoops, i accidentally misworded that xd, i meant to write “Only on one or two maps” but was listening to music from camp, my bad. Thanks for pointing that mistake out.

Mean, more unique conditions to prepare for or spoopy locations in general sound fun for me.


Exactly how i feel, i’d love to see this feature in the game.

Get out of here stalker.


No offence, but I always hated the idea of aliens and the such in Unturned.
It just seems like it wouldn’t fit at all. I’m hoping UII will be a more serious game unlike 3.0.


I guess it should be more only on a few certain maps than on most.

Maybe this other worldly stuff could be kept to the alternate dimension of excursions.

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It should not be an alternative deadzone. I could agree with making secret little locations on the map with your discription but not entire chunks of the map like the deadzone.

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