The Bicycle Still Can't be Damaged by Low Caliber Ammo

That’s uh…Interesting.

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This is not a bug, this is Nelson disallowing his mighty bike to be damaged by your mere peasant bullets. But in all seriousness, really? I wonder why that is happening.

Nelson probably forgot to fix that issue


it does not make sense the health of the bicycle :roll_eyes:

I mean, metal structures can’t be damaged by low cal…

bikes are made out of metal…

Coincidence? i think not. Hotel? Trivago.

I don’t think this would be possible as vehicles are hard-coded right now, but I think it would make the most sense if bikes took melee damage but not bullet damage.

Reason being if you want to mess up a bike realistically, you’d probably smack it with a sledgehammer instead of trying to put bullet holes through the frame.

I agree, but this doesn’t mean that a bicycle should be immune to low caliber weapons, if you shoot an assault rifle at a bike than its bound to at least make it harder to drive. And about vehicles’ taking more melee damage than ballistic damage not being possible, I’m sure it is; Nelson removed the bicycle’s battery function so I’m sure it’s possible.

Thing is though, there has been a time where vehicles didn’t need batteries. Due to that having been added not too long ago, it’s not that hard to remove. On the other hand, we’ve had vehicles that blow up and take the same bullet damage as melee damage for like forever, hence why it’s probably hard-coded into the current vehicle mechanic and very difficult to remove or edit.

I feel like that’s overthinking it a bit. Theoretically, it shouldn’t be that difficult, but it would be redundant to do just for one vehicle.