The Buak Trailer! (New Curated Map Incoming)

After nearly 2 years it’s ready to showcase! The map is heavily inspired by the 2.0 art style, and bits of the Unturned II art style and has over 2,000 items beating out all other curated maps and even vanilla in that category!


Did you make the music for the trailer?

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My friend Paulfest did!


How the PvP (i.e. gun damage and armor protection) is balanced on Buak?

also, will the survival mechanics like hunting and farming be useful on the map?

also i’ve just noticed how you used dolly zoom (or “Vertigo effect”) on 1:37 time stamp of the video, respect for that because I’ve never seen someone using it in Unturned cinematics before.

Is this real

no it is fake


it’s another april fools obviously! looks good tho

toothy why you just ignore me on purpose

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