The ''company'' name needs to change

Nelson named it’s company ‘‘Smartly dressed games’’ when he was just a little boy. But now, now he’s a BIG boy.
He does and decides things professionaly, and the company name needs to change to reflect the maturity of his company.

Here are some suggestions!:

-Intellectually Wearing Videogames

-Smarties and Homemade Toys Surprise Eggs

-2 Games 1 Man

-Harry Potter Car Simulator: The Company 2018

-Console Gamer to PC Gamer Converter.

-’‘Dun…du ru…tu tutututut tuh…dun …dun dun… dun turu tutatutu, tan ttararar tatrtatara… dudn dun dun…du dan tara…brbrbrbrbrb BRNDNNNNN…’’

-why @TheSunVanished isn’t tweeting anymore?

-English Speaking Aliens.


yes please hate me for killing the meme section.


I will make a quality meme soon :wink:

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Is this some new gender?
Oh, we’re editing things. Well In that case the question I asked was actually “Are you straight?”

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sub 2 athens arena


How about making a quality post, instead of a “mediocre” meme?

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I will make one sometime soon, now im just being lazy af.

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No, im a Needlesexual

TheSunHasVanished was abducted by homosexual Aliens

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