The Devkit Editor : A Rant

I hate placing foliage in the devkit. Why? Well, let me just preface this by saying it is a solid tool. It’s flexible and allows you to accomplish much more than its predecessor and is overall very good after you learn how to use all the features.

The issue appears after i utulize all these tools to create some astonishing, breathtaking assortments of grass and pebbles and sticks and [redacted so spebby dosen’t steal] and then go over to the beautiful DevkitSaveContain button with the intent of saving my hard work. But uh oh, what’s this? The devkit does not want to save? It looks like it dosen’t recognise anything that I’ve done as changes to the map and will refuse to save all my hard work until i do something like resize a random volume so the devkit finally realises like oh this d00d finna did sumthin i cen save mep now 1111 ooooo yesss i lvoe wahrtekm rrot resz volume waikhgroikeerahkoiearkpioerahpko

Thank you for reading fellow forum regulars. I hope that you understand my pain and that we can resolve this issue together as a community.


Yes! Preach for us brother! May our devkit foliage related issues be forever fixed in the coming weeks!



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ehh just go into legacy editor and place the stuff
i just use the old editor to manually place foliage and trees and stuff like that

then why should the devkit have that functionality at all?

i hate that spebby guy, fucking steals everyhting,


the problem with that is if you want devkit terrain/materials, you have to use devkit details, and at that point you might as well place all resources and other foliage in devkit

i don’t need sleep, i need answers.

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