The ExampleAssets.unitypackage really needs an update

Its been years since the ExampleAssets.unitypackage has had a new version, and there are many bugs and weird things about it.

is broken, the legs bones are messed up and weird

some sounds literally do not even work if exported as is

the 1911 and PDW both have out of date names in the files (though they also do in the core bundle so not sure if that’s an issue or not)

many .FBX files are not compatible with blender as is, but some are and its weird and inconsistent.

some of the images are photoshop format and that can be problematic to users without photoshop

its missing many things such as the devkit mod hooks, DepthMask for boats, blender animations, bullet casing example and MUCH MUCH more

I propose its added similar to how “Unturned - Dedicated Server” is a separate program as well, over 100mb could be shaved off the download that way

(yes I know there are work arounds to many if not all of the above, but it would be really helpful to new modders)


iirc there’s a package of devkit hooks somebody made that’s floating around, i think i have that in my unity project atm

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yes you are correct and I do have a copy myself, but it really should be in the base Assets package so everyone can use it, not people who know a person who has it. and its not the only floating around file or gatekept one either.

a small FAQ in a .txt file in with everything else would be nice (such as “what unity version” , recommended programs and links

I also think it would be nice if @DerEnte 's animation rig was apart of the assets (with consent from him of course) or a link to it. and instructions on how to use it.

I also want to bring up many things I have said in my first post are included in this version unity-2017.4 - Archived Compatibility version as well, but almost no one knows that and its incredibly unfriendly to new modders to have to find this out (as well as many of the files in that version are likely broken with age)

Lastly it would be really nice if WAYYYY more stuff was available, many modders often use programs to rip images and models from the coremasterbundle for use in mods. but the same programs can also be used to rip other users mods and steal marketplace/workshop skins and models. Just let us have most if not all and there would be no need for such programs. (obviously exclude the Marketplace/stockpile items, and potentially some of the curated stuff compiled into the core as I don’t know if nelson is able to or allowed to release the curated stuff in core)

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oh yeah for sure, I was just letting you know in case you desperately needed it for a project.

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Iirc these hooks aren’t intended to be used; things like grenade.cs were created by modders after decompiling Unturned’s code. These hooks aren’t user friendly and are often very buggy. They wouldn’t be included unless Nelson officially supports the functionality via a mod hook or something

just to clear things up this is specifically the one I am talking about in this context

To clarify a few points:

  • It’s actually updated relatively frequently as-needed, last updated in July 2022. Unsure about the character model or gun sounds though - they haven’t changed, but occasionally there are reports of problems exporting sounds, maybe a different Unity version.

  • Some items have a different file name than display name.

  • It depends whether the fbx files are binary or text. New assets should ideally be glTF though I haven’t been good about that in Unturned. Text fbx files can be converted to binary with this tool which I have used a few times: Fbx Converter Archives

  • Gimp supports Photoshop files fairly well. Ideally most files would be something open source like how the game almost exclusively uses Blender.

  • Only the mod hooks included in the project package are intended to be used. Certain scripts like the ones in your screenshot have been reverse-engineered by players and used in unintended ways, and I have tried to avoid causing problems with this because it can be useful, but it’s not intended or properly supported until I include in the vanilla packages. Volumes in particular have a bunch of extra checks in the code to avoid breaking from being included in prefabs.

  • Boat depth mask is actually set by the game at runtime, not missing.

  • Bullet casing cannot be included currently because it depends on licensed audio.

  • Engine version is kept up to date in this support article:

The next step of modding availability I am hoping to do someday is a mirrored repo of Unturned’s source with certain non-redistributable files removed. It may feel like it will never happen because I’ve been mentioning this goal for years, but the number of blockers has gradually decreased.


Thank you for the clarifications Nelson!
Im glad that this is on your mind already that makes me very happy!

Would including a casings with a different audio example be possible? having a different one that is not in the game would be better then no example in my opinion

or simply just a blank audio clip and allow the casing effects to reference the audio of the official one in the .dat


I checked into the bullet casing example for the next update, and it turns out there were actually two reasons:

  1. It was referencing the audio, but that was resolved when physics material properties were added.
  2. It has a script component attached. Including a script component in the examples package includes dependencies, and including a script dependency then includes every script in the project. IIRC this is the main reason Project is separate from Examples.

Until there is a better solution (e.g. sharing at least the assets portion of the project) here is the vanilla bullet casing without dependencies: Bullet Casing.unitypackage