The final update for the Refined Pistols & SMGs mod is out (And commissions open too)

The mod releases its final update in formal attire. This adds in pistol sights for all handguns, as well as new weapons, 4 of which are handguns & SMGs of legendary status which Unturned doesn’t have yet.

Link to mod:

This is the last major update for the mod as I am also opening my commissions for you guys to give me requests on what you wanna see in the Unturned workshop.

I accept requests that you can pay me for making stuff like more weapon items, clothing items, usable items, and more with fixed prices. And you can also donate to me to support my works, which you can donate any amount.

This is a farewell to the lifespan of the mod but a start to me actually listening to what you guys want. Thanks for being on this topic if you have read until the end.

EDIT: Changed payment procedure. You should be able to see the mod & I’ll ask for payment if it satisfies you.


how mouch would it cost for you to make big tittied unturned girls



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nope, I’m serious here

the conversion rate fuck me over, but if he gives a reasonable price (my max is 400 liras, which is like, 60 bucks) I’m genuinely going to commission unturned girls with big breasts

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I probably didn’t try mesh replacements yet but if it’s difficult to make with my female rigs, I guess the price would go either $20 or $30.

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alright, mind checking your dms mate?

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well shit, he didn’t respond to my dms
I can’t tell if he’s offline or disgusted by the idea of doing my commission


If that little red dot in that one pistol’s grip doesn’t mean it’s a Colt Delta Elite, I’m going to flip my shit.

Do you use a business account?
Because if I pay in advance and send it via friends and family I technically can’t charge back/dispute it,

Sadly my account isn’t a business account. Luckily I updated the payment procedures. So you should be able to see the mod before making the payment. Unless I find another way to satisfy your question, I really can’t help you charge back even though I wanted you to. Apologies, I’m kinda new to these stuff.

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