The fire

I think a good idea is the fire.

like if you put a campfire inside a house (made of wood) it will start

Or you can raid bases with fire

and like you can burn things and extinguish things.

PD:my english is bad i now that but i am from chile


Fire is currently on the 4.0 Trello. We don’t know what the mechanics will be yet, but it is there.

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Ooo, I can already imagine being burned out of your base/house.

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Unturned 4.x :thinking:

Exactly :joy::joy::joy:

Please no fire spread or burning houses because that would make hours worth of work go with 1 molotov making base raiding even easier.
However, if it were like CSGO, where molotovs make a carpet of fire for a few seconds without spread or environmental damage, then it would be a good addition. Same with flamethrowers, but these deal good damage to bases and players. Causing players to burn (-5% /s) which would bring a purpose to “Rolling”

for when fire arrows?(i’ll be good i think)we will burn the the arrow burn when we will select it(by using a lighter or somethink like this and make the arrow burn people/structures made whith wood)

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Tbh, in real life you cant just go to a wooden shack made of logs, throw a mollie and expect it to light up. Like it defies science, unless the wood is weak it shouldnt ignite.

Thus, buildables like wooden floor,roof,pillar etc. should not be able to ignite from atleast 1 mollie, however weaker structures like plates,chairs,tables,umbrellas etc. should.

I mean seriously, raiding is already broken af right now, adding fire mechanics without implementing the latter would just straight up ruin the game :confused:

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This is a fair point, but this is in the #unturned-4 area, so it should hopefully be safe to say raiding won’t be as shoddy as it is now for some people.

I’d personally just want to make fire as a damage type. Far easier than straight-up setting the entire map on fire, I’d say. Persistent continuous damage over time effect particles.

7 feel like there can be a solution to this, such as a bkuerint appearing that woruld be in the same place, so you don’t have to struggle to put it perfectly again

for the burnt structures?

It’s not about having the base’s location
Hour and hours of making a big wooden castle will be gone with 1 molotov or 1 tap from the flamethrower.
I hate that idea.
But as I said, if Molotovs act the same as in CSGO, then it’s fine. Flamethrowers can damage wooden structures, but the fire doesn’t spread.
It has to be as rare as the rocket launcher if not more because gas cans will be it’s fuel.

I think there should be two kinds of flamethrowers.

One is weak, crude, and craftable, albeit expensive. Fire doesn’t spread whatsoever and it’s mainly good for getting rid of weak wooden barricades, or room clearing. Gas cans, or a craftable magazine that’s refueled with gas cans would be used for the ammo. It’d take quite a bit of resources for both the weapon and the ammo, but it’d be useful when needed. Like burning down a locked wooden door or a small horde of zombies.

The other is much rarer, much more effective military-grade (or even ranger-grade) flamethrower. When even was the last time the military used flamethrowers you may ask? Exactly. Vietnam-era flamethrowers. Rarer than a rocket launcher, maybe even as rare as the Hell’s Fury. There’d be two parts to it, the gun and the backpack. The gun is useless by itself unless you are wearing a backpack full of fuel, and even then the backpack is exposed to gunfire and you’d be slower.

It’d be in a similar situation to the Hell’s Fury. It’d be amazing at killing things at short-medium range, but why would you waste it on that? The fire is much more potent than the makeshift, being able to burn and slowly spread flames with possibly half of the magazine? You wouldn’t be able to just tap and wait it out, cause the fire will die out.

Yeah, I agree
But what I was addressing was that fire should not spread in the game. Period.
But I like your idea of the flamethrower being 2 parts. The backpack can be refilled with gas cans. 1 gas can refills 10% of the backpack. The percentage is very low because the amount of feul burned is extremely big. When the flamethrower is used, if the fire makes contact with a surface, that surface makes a carpet of fire that lasts for 10 seconds. Same on buildables. Range of 15m and a feul consumption of 0.5Liters/s and a max capacity of 5 Liters

I was thinking of making it work similarly to Rust’s. Where you have to put some effort into burning someone’s walls. After a few magazines then it’ll start burning by it’s self, but you have to maintain it so it doesn’t die out. Even then it’d probably take a while.

There should also be more building types, so it’s not just wood, bricks, and metal. I think there should be stone, low quality metal, and high quality metal. Having more of a tiered progression besides only choosing pine and metal, and ignoring everything else could also possibly effect the usefulness of flamethrowers.

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I agree. Unturned 4.x should have more building material
Maybe add concrete and cement to the game which will make up the highest tiered base

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Being able to craft concrete/cement would be definetely better than just finding it. Using the cement truck for example hahaha.


Why is this funny!? The only reason I could possibly imagine is thatyou plan on dumping cement on zombies, animals, and players. That might be entertaining, justly so, but incredibly inhumane, hahaha! :smiling_imp:

Making zombies statues :thinking:


Extremely old (and ugly) concept image I made a long time ago on the wikia for a makeshift flamethrower. :thinking: