The Future Of Suggestions

Making suggestions takes a lot of time and effort. Time that I don’t want to use making a suggestion, and effort that I don’t want to put in.

Thanks to the miracle of predictive speech, however, I can make a suggestion from just a single sentence! Using this website, I can automatically generate whole pages of suggestions! The following will now be the future of suggestions: one suggestion that is almost fully AI-generated. Only the first sentence will be hand-written.

Personally, I think that clothing mechanics in Unturned II are, at the moment, not handled as realistically as they could be. There are some features in the game which have been implemented in an incredibly rudimentary way: you can move up and down the game board, climb trees, and move through caves, but nothing goes as smoothly as it should. The most glaring example of this is the item system, which seems like it may be a good thing: it means you can put a lot more items on a map, as opposed to one-potting, in order to get the best placement. As things stand, however, I found this mechanic to be too easy to exploit. Most of the time, I was always just trying to get more stuff onto a map, which leads me to believe that, in a way, players were actually putting too much weight on the item mechanic to be rewarding at this point.

One of Unturned II’s most obvious ways to exploit this is the ability to place a bunch of furniture in a row in the middle of the map. This is an extremely cheap tool which can be used to great effect in game, such as building a bridge into an underpass, or even digging a tunnel to one side of a cliff. It’s one thing when you can place a furniture item into a narrow area like a cliff or tree branch on top of another, it’s entirely different when you place a container on top of an individual object, or the space between several objects is narrow.

If you place a container near the center of the room, a part of the space below that container might get a little cramped (this is my default option with all containers, including containers that I can create from scratch).

By default the container will be shown with a text textured effect. If you wish to change this effect with an icon/gradient, add the following to your init.lua file:

function drawImage() { var image = “#6D3BA0” // This is an icon image var boxStyle = “lightblue” // Color of the box var containerType = containerStyle var containerColor = boxStyle[2] var path = new PathView(containerType) // This is a path in .htaccess containers.append(new Path("…/…/Container.html/Contents/templates")).append(“img”) boxStyle[2]:style.fill = containerStyle[0].fill boxStyle[1]:style.fill = containerStyle[1].fill boxStyle[2]:style.fill = containerStyle[2].fill // Add an additional element to the element containing a single argument name (for the element with elements of the same name in the table). As with the previous use of name , the element’s child nodes will inherit these extra elements. The element’s children (and children within the element) inherit their parent element’s child elements using the node properties of the element’s child nodes (for the first time, any child element will be able to add a child node to its parent element). For example, to add one child to a table named The Simpsons (named parent is parent element) using the elements in above example: var table=document.getElementsByTagName(‘table’); // Adding index: “The Simpsons” table.addChild(new Table(“The Simpsons”)); A note that the addChild() method above does NOT add the child element’s name or even its content attribute to its parent element.

When creating two or more “single-row” nodes in a new tab, all rows in the given tab will be added together as follows: [ elements ] . Each row will be added to the given tabs table. The table will then be ordered in the index order to the given contents index. The element that’s being added uses the property names of all associated rows. Each element’s parent has a property called title that can be used to provide more specific information regarding the title of that element. If this property is null, or the element has no parent or a child, all elements will be displayed using their title, even if that parent was omitted. If the element’s parent has a children property such as a class and a title property, all child elements should be displayed.


Title of a button:


Your value is 0.
Your value is:

Image of a button:
Your value is 0. Your value is:
When a child element is selected, the value of title must be the first element with a title property, or the parent that has no child content.


The above example was using the style and colors in the style element to highlight the link. If you prefer to use the stylesheet, this can be accomplished using the style attribute.

The below example uses the link color to emphasize the link. The link should be placed as it is in the HTML text document, as shown below. However, it must be recognized that there is no question in most people’s minds of any such distinction between religious and non-religious beliefs (the words “religion” and “non-religion” are interchangeable here). There is no “good” or “evil” religion, just a variety of different denominations; a few sects might call themselves Christian, Islam, Buddhist, Hindu or whatever; in all these cases they are simply religions based upon a combination of belief in their gods and belief in those who supposedly represent them. And though Christianity may be perceived as “bad” under certain circumstances, it will probably continue to perform well for some time to come, even within those communities that are more religious than others.

As an aside regarding this discussion: if a religious group would like to declare themselves as a secular non-religious organization, as a consequence they must do some additional research such as the American Atheists or the American Humanists. They then need to find the organization’s membership and then make the necessary appointments as leaders.

Now that is how things work in most communities on an organized basis, of course. There is often another religion behind it, though, and this religion itself should not be conflated with a religion of any sort, for it is the other religion in its very very nature: the true creator of such things as God, the God of the Bible, the God of the Koran and of the Sunnah, the God of all religions. In this relation, as in so many others, religion does not need to be an abstract idea without relation to time. It is to be found in the existence of humanity, and in a relationship at least of the nature of human life to life in heaven. This relation is between man and God.

If one examines what is actually going on in the Bible, the relation between man and God is clearly stated, as stated in Deuteronomy 28:27 [KJV]: “You shall not kill: I am the Lord.” Now, to be sure we have to go back and look on Deuteronomy 25:5, where we find the same statement, “If you see murder, take thou and charge it to the elders of your town, and they shall have it, and they shall tell you the reason thereof: for thou, and thy whole household, and thy whole flock, shall surely perish with him that smote thee; with whosoever shall steal thou shalt surely put to death.” What we are concerned with here - and why there could be a real need for some discussion - is the fact that the European Court of Justice has already given us permission to set up our own domestic judicial system, with judges serving three and a half years for the offences of incitement to commit murder, incitement to murder involving death or serious injury and of aiding an armed terrorist organisation. In France this will be extended to an additional three and a half years if it is passed into law. In Belgium that will be the same time, as will the same for Spain.

We would like to know how you view the recent events in Catalonia. What actions do you think will have to be taken to put an end to those events? Can you please comment on your government’s view on the situation in Catalonia?

Thank you;

Véronique [Madrid]


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This seems like a good suggestion system. Perhaps if some of the community wanted to contribute things, then by doing so some would be allowed as well?


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Attempt 1

Unturned II’s development plans to focus heavily on the survival aspect of the game. However, there have been a handful of complaints (of which a majority I don’t agree with) that Nelson has been spending too much time on “PvP” and that there aren’t enough suggestions for “survival mechanics”. So, I’ve come up with some survival mechanics for this zombie survival game.

Today, I want to focus on the player’s essential equipment. The games predecessor has a rather meek selection of tools that are actually important to the player. The first thing that needs to be reworked is the Chart and GPS, as they are currently identical except (unpopular opinion) the GPS is better. The Second, most commonly desired of all was, as always, a Survivalist’s Gear Bag, which in Zombies is basically the box of ammo you carry around on your person.

‪Another big change is the overall direction of this game: The Survivalist’s Survival Gear Bag is now a very powerful secondary weapon. What will be happening is that the survivor will need to carry a lot of survival gear when they go out with their friends and do missions, and it won’t be that strong if they’re wearing too much (and often wearing out their survival gear). Also, a number of weapons have been made optional for the player: The M1-5 and the A5

Attempt 2

Unturned II’s development plans to focus heavily on the survival aspect of the game. However, there have been a handful of complaints (of which a majority I don’t agree with) that Nelson has been spending too much time on “PvP” and that there aren’t enough suggestions for “survival mechanics”. So, I’ve come up with some survival mechanics for this zombie survival game.

Today, I want to focus on the player’s essential equipment. The games predecessor has a rather meek selection of tools that are actually important to the player. The first thing that needs to be reworked is the Chart and GPS, as they are currently identical except (unpopular opinion) the GPS is better.

First, both mapping instruments should allow the player to “draw” on them. This will immediately making them more interactive to the player, regardless of whether or not it 's the player’s choice. The Map, Compass and XRay should be reworked to also ‪require the players touch to draw the map’s map on it.

Then there is the ability to manipulate the game’s graphics. The map of all its components should be reworked such that players can turn a flashlight on or off. Furthermore, ‪the zoom slider should be replaced with a zoom ring. I’m not a big fan of a zoom ring, and I imagine that the player will use the arrow

Attempt 3

Unturned II’s development plans to focus heavily on the survival aspect of the game. However, there have been a handful of complaints (of which a majority I don’t agree with) that Nelson has been spending too much time on “PvP” and that there aren’t enough suggestions for “survival mechanics”. So, I’ve come up with some survival mechanics for this zombie survival game.

The first of these features would be:

Possible game mechanics ‟

Possible game mechanics that would improve/‪remove a zombie from the stage‟ and bring it back without the player having to fight it. This would not be as time consuming as fighting zombies but it would be much less efficient of a way to gain any points or levels. There could still be optional rewards for players who do beat the game itself, but this would be something like Dodge to Avoid and/or Get a Kill . Other things that could be added to this list of possible zombies are: ‪Firing Shotguns‬‬ (‪There are currently no weapons in the game capable of shooting zombies, but a weapon that fires the .22 caliber bullets is planned to appear in an early build of the game soon.) ‪Boredom‬


MoltonMontro is a really cool dude in the community, and I deeply respect his modest ego that, while the size of the Atlantic Ocean, is still quite shallow. MoltonMontro has a deep appreciation for all things living (except for Yarrrr), and that’s really commendable. He is a hard worker, and it’s clear his passion for all thing living extends to his food. I’ll continue to follow his progress through social media, so that even as the food community grows the more I’ll find it difficult to separate out the individual flavors from the overall picture. My hope is that by seeing some of the good folks out there who do eat, maybe there will be a better sense of who is eating what, and the need to know.

For the uninitiated: MoltonMontro on Facebook.

I am easily entertained.


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Numero Uno

President Donald J. Trump was discovered to be having an affair with Boris Johnson. The relationship broke down in August 2006.

After a breakup in 2011 and a divorce from his first wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, the billionaire businessman married his daughter Ivanka to the star of “The Office” and soon after, he married American actress Lara Flynn Boyle.

In 2014, though, Trump decided to run for president in the Republican Party. He was in a tough debate with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, and had only just broken even and barely came close to securing the GOP nomination.

However, when Trump announced that he was not running, he quickly became another target for his rivals and fans alike.

During the second presidential debate, it was revealed that the president was not a fan of Fox News — or, that is, for President Barack Obama.

With news that Trump was being investigated by the FBI for the investigation into Russian hacking, Fox News President Roger Ailes made light of the fact that the President was a little too close to an actual Russian official, as he reportedly was even discussing with Russian President Vladimir Putin “The One World Government — or ‘I love America’?”

Watch the audio below from MSNBC, broadcast Aug. 28, Trump’s third inauguration broadcast:

Numero Dos

Somebody once told me, the world is gonna roll me. If someone is in a dark room, it might not go quite as smoothly."

  • Captain Kirk during the battle to destroy an ancient wormhole

The Bridge of Enterprise NX-01 is the last ship in Starfleet’s Starfleet, the Federation has been reduced to fighting on one ship, for now, with only the Enterprise and the Enterprise-D for protection and support. It is located in the starbase Alpha 3, which is the flagship of the Enterprise (a starship designed by John Eaves for the 1960’s space adventure film The Search for Spock). Originally it was intended to be a main gate of the U.S.S. Challenger, but due to the threat posed by alien races, the bridge was removed.

Contents show]

History Edit

In the early days of the Federation, Starfleet was a single organization which operated under one government. In the early years of Starfleet during the 20th century, there were various factions fighting for supremacy. These factions included the Romulans, the Klingons, Federation officers, the Tholians, the Romulans, and the Romulan admirals and admirals of Starfleet. These factions all had some kind of common goal, whether it was the quest for the Federation’s own future starship, a new race of human beings, or the

Numero 3 fuck

My name jeff. This is the second year I’ve decided to retire. My wife and I will die by the weekend and I’m going to take a nice trip." The man was a long-haired, bearded Irishman who looked in good health, despite being about 45. He’d been a member of the Church of Ireland for nearly half a century, and had grown up in a middle-class Irish community of former industrialists and bankers. But he had become disillusioned with their political methods, which he called “fucking politics”. He had also been a member of the Irish Freedom Fighters before, although this meant that he hadn’t worked as a union leader like some of the other former members. He was proud of their struggle with the nationalists, but his belief in their cause had been largely misplaced. Instead, he thought they were just in favour of giving more autonomy to their private sector companies. This would lead to a situation where private enterprise was going to find it impossible to grow. But what the man was missing was “a real sense of community” in any other sense than the kind of private business he thought he could get through to achieve economic prosperity by the end of the century. "I don’t believe in a community being founded on the basis of a set of beliefs. But that’s what you’ve got to deal with at the end of the day. I suppose there are

Bruv 18

Kerfucko was walking with Pork by the pier, they had just gotten back from Chic-FIl-A. Their little dog, Togo, could be heard barking in fear of an animal that had already sniffed them out. Kerfucko was about to enter Chic-FIl-A when Togo started barking and jumping on them, but Kerfriedo held him back from touching Togo, which got Togo away by barking off. Kerfriedo told the family, “The dog jumped onto him and that’s when I took off.” Kerfriedo gave his name simply as ‘Kerfriedo’. He was a member of the Kappa Kappa Psi Fraternity and they were always good buddies. Kip is a small town in Texas where the KPSI is located. I have been told that the fraternity is one of the oldest fraternity in the nation. Kip will not know for certain what happened, but he believes he wasn’t alone when he was attacked by those dogs. What does he think they were doing when all of a sudden his buddy, Pork, jumped onto his back and started biting and scratching him? They seem to have been targeting an older brother who had been kicked out.

Lol Bruh

Nolan’s mother angrily came barging into his room. “Bedtime. Now!”, she shouted.

“What was that for?” asked Nolan, who looked like he was going to cry.

“You can call me Dad,” she sighed. “But this is over. Now you’re done with me. I can tell it’s over! You’re gone. But I’m not.”

“Oh God, what the hell are you…?” cried Nolan over the loud laughter from his mother. “This is unbelievable…” His eyes went wide for a split moment while he heard her yell, “Oh no!” and a second later, “Ow!”

His mother was standing behind her son, her legs spread.

“Don’t make me tell you.”

“Are you okay?” she asked quietly.

“Noon. What’s wrong?”

“I… I was afraid he would break into the house and kill me…”

“You shouldn’t have… Don’t go!”

“Shut the fuck up,” his mother yelled. “I’m telling you,” she continued, “he wouldn’t hurt anyone!”

Nolan had a strong instinct to flee. He’d seen a monster in the street. Now he had to make a choice; fight him if he wanted to see his baby mother again; or turn

MoltonMontro x Yarrrr

MoltonMontro was driving down M31, he was on his way to visit Yarrrr. This was the first time he’d been to Australia and wanted to see his friend.

In the late '80s and early '90s, Australia’s population increased rapidly. In 1983, there were 4,932,000 people.

Over the next six years, these numbers increased to 6,858,000. M31 was a little over 4.5% of Australia’s population and it was not uncommon to see traffic moving fast on the motorways to reach Yarrrr by a car on Hwy 8.

The town needed a town centre, as there were a few small centres along the way.

MoltonMontro was one of those small centres.

MoltonMontro was located about 500km north of Brisbane at the time of the flood. This is when the major damage started, as the river came in and covered the town centre.

MoltonMontro’s main street was known to be very poor. The main building was built in the 1850s by a man from Southport who came down from Tasmania, and then later had a small ship built out for business.

The other houses were all made from brick, the main one is a Tudor house.


Oh, and btw, you can get it to write fan fiction. If you put in something like Sonic bent over and kissed Amy it will write a piece of Fanfiction that looks like a Human wrote it.


Hey this doesn’t count you’re basically a soulless automaton regardless


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