The game is killing my laptop

Hello. I decided to return to the game after 8 years. I encountered a very serious problem. After starting the game (with anti-cheat), the following may happen after some time:

  • The game will freeze tightly and all included programs will either close, reboot, or stop, it seems due to the RAM being full, but this is not certain (RAM 16 gb)
  • The game will kill my laptop by causing a blue screen. This happened once and I didn’t have time to capture it because the laptop immediately rebooted after the blue screen.
  • The game will result in a black screen with 1 cursor. I had to wait about 4 minutes for this to go away, nothing helped me, I was already thinking about turning off the laptop using the power button.
    No mods are installed except for localization. But I have the same thing without her.
    System specifications of my laptop: RTX 4060 (8gb), I5-12450(H), RAM 16 gb, SSD M2 2 pcs - 1 tb, 512 gb

P.S Blue Screen Error Code - 13a

If anything causes your device to blue screen – this is likely an issue with your device (e.g., failing hardware or an outdated driver).

You should double-check that all your drivers are up-to-date, and that you’re on the latest version of your OS (or if you just updated – you could try rolling back to a previous version).

The error you’ve mentioned is often caused by an outdated or corrupt graphics card driver.

The drivers have nothing to do with it, my RAM memory is full. I increased the swap file… 16 GB is not enough for the game???

To clarify – you’ve already double-checked that you have the latest drivers from the GPU manufacturer installed?

What common troubleshooting steps have you performed already? – e.g., updating OS version, making sure hardware (like RAM) is seated properly, running a diagnostics scan on hardware (like your RAM).

Everything is new for me. I solved the problem by increasing the page file.

Chances are that is a temporary workaround. Sounds like you have one hell of a memory leak at hand.

I can play on 16 just fine, and that’s with two additional monitors of bullshit running in the background. Double check the other stats (CPU/GPU usage, temps and so on). Your laptop might be clocking down due to increasing temps which in turn causes a crash.


Unturned might be set to run not on the RTX card which could cause a lot of stress on you laptop.

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