The Great Hsi-Ku Arsenal

“The Great Hsi-Ku Arsenal…The Most Biggest gun pack(and Unique) in Unturned”

Name : The Great Hsi-Ku Arsenal
Version : 1.8.4 “Accessories Update”
Author : [TH]Zhao Yi(Model,Bundle),Husky(Animations)

Welcome to The Biggest gun pack(and Unique) in Unturned


The Great Hsi-Ku Arsenal(Great Xigu Arsenal) is custom weapons pack mods for unturned,The name has take from arsenal in Qing dynasty,China
Main Feature is we have Unique gun has never(or very few) seen in video game,Now appear in this mod. also we have tons of new accessories such as LAM,Weaponlight,sight,and front grip.

This is in my freetime project,someupdate has take a long time


  • Tons of GUNS
  • Unique gun has never(or very few)seen in video game
  • Native spawn in official map PEI,Yukon,Washington and Arena
  • And spawn in some custom map that use vanilla spawn table,such as “Overgrown 3”
  • Multi caliber and configion variant(EX carbine and Assault Rifle variant)
  • Spawnable via Airdrop
  • GUID Support
  • Scrap and Repair
  • New Attachment
  • Multiple Calibers Support
  • Custom animation


Weapons List

List of Caliber Available for Multiple Calibers Support Guns

Future Plan/To do

  • Hawaii Five-O Update Part 2
  • Convertion Kits
  • Spawnable on some popular community map(If included with custom spawn table)
  • Cleanup Google Drive Table

Common Weapons in video game,such as M4A1 M16 MP5 M1911 92FS AK47,M .etc

The Great Hsi-Ku Arsenal Compatibility with all mod if item ID not value range from 38000 to 38295(Reserved ID 38296-38350 or up to 38450 for Future)
also can be spawn on custom map if that map use vanilla spawn table

Incompatibile Mods

  • Noting now

Known issues

  • Some gun icon too big
  • Digital Hunter Scope Buggy in Scope quality off
  • Custom sight brown tint

Credits & Thank

Nelson Saxton : Awesome game
Fiffe : Tutorials
Husky : Animation

Gun Infomation Source

IMFDB - Internet movie firearm database(Mostly I use this site)
Modern Firearm(Former World gun dot RU)
Military Factory
The Firearm Blog


Allow to

  • Use on server
  • Use on your custom map
  • On Youtube/Twitch video(…and Don’t forget cradit to me :)")
  • Make NPC Shop to sell weapons in this mods in maps
  • Edit File to change ID if Necessary ie. ID Conflict

NOT Allow to

  • Re-upload any website(Except by “[TH]Zhao Yi” or “Mr.CatZaa”)
  • Any Commercial proposal
  • Use any file in this mod into your own modpack

Do I see a QBZ-95?
That’s quite late for an advertisement.

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image matters more, imo.

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no custom animations… :frowning:

Is there a rule concerning advertising?

It’s in the workshop category, so I don’t think it’s too serious.

Workshop mod in the Workshop category, is that a bad thing :thinking:?

Yes. Completely. How could it not be a capital offense? The op deserves beheading, and nothing less, only more.

Just First time for Post in forum.First I will be post but I don’t have a time.

and also…for post new upcoming WIP content in one thread.

Yes…I tried to learn for making animations, But too hard for me.

Don’t worry, workshop category is just there for showing custom content. Doesn’t matter if it’s advertisement or not

They’re just trying to scare you

(Lemme get the whip to teach these guys for a sec…)


it’s ok, the modpack is still cool :slight_smile:

I enjoy the mod pack, neat guns, it’s just very odd to me that it is advertised a year after it’s posted.

New Gun to be adding in Next update

“MR 762” From Hawaii “Five-O Season 8”

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Now with custom animation!!!


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