The infinity ammo bug/ extended hand punch

(Works only in multiplayer)
I was playing multiplayer servers as usually, but today i saw something strage. I was holding gun ( that can be placed in primary or secondary slot. Like ace), when i wanted to manage my inventory i had ace in primary slot, after i draged it into secondary, inventory instantly closed and ace shot without loosing any bullet in magazine/clip. I tried to shoot animals or my friend, and both of them got damaged by bullet.
Take some pistol like avenger equip it to primary slot, go to your invetory, drag it into secondary slot and you should shoot without loosing bullets in magazine.


I’ve seen this bug before - the weapon you’re holding briefly discharges inadvertently as it switches, due to the click registering as you place it in the next slot.

I wasn’t aware that it could actually cause damage though, so this might be a seriously exploitable bug.

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I was aware of the bug too, but I’ve never had it alert zombies nor cause damage.


holy shit, this happens to me all the time but I had no idea you could actually take damage from it. Dang, that’s weird

I tried it with my friend, he was standing 5-8m away from me. I aimed and him and proceeded the bug. He got damage dealt. Even if i tried it on animals they got killed after 3-6 hits. It can also damage cars like sedans or others that you can destroy without High caliber ammo.

atleas this way it worked for me

Ive seen this bug many times, you only shoot client side, you do not shoot server side. There are many bugs related to server side and client side issues with one in particular on the top of my head. but overall dont worry to much, it is as if you didnt shoot at all to anyone else.

EDIT: as it shoots client-side, you will shoot majority of the time in single-player and I believe only rarely in multi-player - however you use a bullet if you deal damage

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