The Magnitude of Early Acess

okay okay okay guys, most of us have the early access items right? the shirt and beret
buuuuuuuuuut in the future, its not gonna be like this
this community will be swarmed with the newer generation and suddenly no one will have the shirt and beret

thats why it is our job for some of us to be present during those times to mega flex on people

Early Acess Veterans: lol it smells like broke in here i got early access loot


Lol true (ten characters)

firstly, this easy for me considering i always wear it

Second, were going see Ricegum playing when he sees unturned getting mega far up in gaming

Unfortunately I moved steam accounts, from being banned by BattlEye for… not hacking… so i lost me beret :frowning:

oof welp at least i have my trusty ushanka

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Wait, you are telling me that a forum regular is banned by battleeye?


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its ok though its for

so all here is good

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