The most important poll since that one in 1776

Should repeated offense necroposting for the sake of unfunny comedy be a bannable/restrictable offense?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Eastern Text

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I mean, its really annoying, but banning someone for writing on a topic? (Especially if it contributes to the conversation). If they just do it as a joke, thats dumb, and all it is doing is making people not like you, but a ban though?

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I said repeated offenses. People like he-who-shall-not-be-named tend not to add anything and just say, and I quote,

“Somebody said something about a dead Topic? Snaps Cheeks Loudly” on a two month old post,
“Jesus Christ what a dead topic amir? hahahahah My Revival Skills went off the charts” on a post that i’m too lazy to find out what the real latest reply was

Honestly groove is in the heart, dj soul is on a roll

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Spamming is already an offense. Necroposting isn’t inherently bad, it’s whether or not they’re necroposting purely to spam that is.

People can respond to old posts if they’re actually trying to add genuine input, as it stands.


when this is enacted, do previous necros don’t matter but future necros do?

it only really happens because of the suggested threads tab on the bottom bringing up year old threads

Yes, but when the person responding knows this before even posting the reply and just says “haha im necroposting” it gets old, quickly.

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